Welcome to Breath of Love
Advanced Certification Course

Certification Course Curriculum
With Julia Mikk

1st module: One-on-one Private Sessions: discover the subtleties and nuances of Breath of Love facilitation in a private setting (in-person and long-distance). Start catalyzing the greatest breakthroughs possible and learn to do it with ease.

2nd module: Weekend workshops: find out how to create and facilitate successful workshops with bigger audiences.

3rd module: Teacher Training: become qualified to train the next round of facilitators.

BONUS with Kendra E. Thornbury: Learn invaluable marketing and business tools to double or triple your income while enjoying living your Soul’s Purpose.

1ST MODULE – Private Session Facilitation
January-April 2018

  • Learn advanced techniques to facilitate Breath of Love sessions in a private one-on-one setting.

  • Grow your intuitive and psychic skills to track energies, subconscious belief structures and dimensions that are invisible to the eye.

  • Learn about nervous system regulation.

  • Cultivate skills in trauma resolution. You will find out about anatomy of trauma and its physiological unwinding.

  • Pre and perinatal psychology and how it relates to giving Breath of Love sessions.

  • Somatic Experiencing skills.

  • Verbal skills.


Module 1 structure:

  • 5 day in-person training February 1-5th 2018 with Julia in Boulder, CO.

  • Monthly Financial Success Workshop with Kendra E. Thornbury, on Zoom (3hrs each).

  • Monthly private sessions with Julia, on the phone (90min each).

  • Monthly facilitation group trainings with Julia, on Zoom (90min each).

Module 1 expectations:

  • Offer a minimum of 4 introductory workshops (2-3hrs each).

  • Give private sessions.


2ND MODULE – Weekend Workshop Facilitation
May-October 2018

  • Build confidence and grow your capacity to lead successful weekend workshops with bigger audience.

  • Understand the most effective flow of a weekend workshop - what allows for the biggest breakthroughs in your participants.

  • Learn to offer the next steps so the workshop participants understand the value of continuing to work with you.

Module 2 structure:

  • Weekend workshop (2.5 days) with Julia. The day before and the day after meeting with advanced practitioners.

  • Monthly Financial Success Workshop with Kendra E. Thornbury, on Zoom (3hrs each).

  • Monthly private sessions with Julia, on the phone (90min each).

  • Monthly facilitation group trainings with Julia, on Zoom (90min each).


Module 2 expectations:

  • Offer a minimum of 2 introductory workshops (2-3hrs each).

  • Give your own weekend workshop (2-3 days).

  • Continue giving private sessions.

3RD MODULE – Expand Your Impact
November-December 2018

  • Expand your reach and grow your audience.

  • Increase your income even more.

  • Get ready to deliver Breath of Love training programs. Understand the Certification Course curriculum and learn to teach it.

Module 3 structure:

  • Monthly Financial Success Workshop with Kendra E. Thornbury, on Zoom (3hrs each).

  • Monthly private Session with Julia, on the phone (90min each).

  • 3 facilitation group trainings with Julia, on Zoom (90min each).


Module 3 expectations:

  • Give your second weekend workshop (2-3 days). Suggestion: beginning of November 2018.

  • Offer a minimum of 2 introductory workshops (2-3hrs each).

  • Continue giving private sessions.



  • 6 additional private Support Sessions with Julia, on the phone, to be used as needed (90min each). These are to be scheduled between October 1st 2017 and December 30th 2018.

  • Money Mastery 4 week online course with Kendra E. Thornbury.


  • Secret FaceBook group for additional resources and receiving support from other Advanced Practitioners.

  • $50 discount on all additional private sessions until Dec 30th 2018.

  • Permission to assist at any Breath of Love events for free.

  • Permission to participate at any events outside of the Advanced Certification Course curriculum for 50% discount until the end of the Course. The discount might be different if the event is co-facilitated with another teacher.

  • Eligibility to give weekend workshops with Julia after the course (Julia must be compensated for this separately).

  • Endorsement on the main Breath of Love website as an Advanced Breath of Love Practitioner (once you have successfully graduated from the course).

  • The opportunity to be hired (and paid) to teach the next Breath of Love Facilitator Training.

Financial Success Curriculum
With Kendra E. Thornbury

All online workshops with Kendra E Thornbury take place once a month on Zoom, last 3 hours, and include individualized laser coaching for each person.

In addition to the monthly group workshops, Kendra is offering VIP private sessions on the phone to go deeper into each topic at the additional investment of $300 (90min call). It is highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity to work with Kendra one-on-one.

1st workshop in January. Upgrade Your Money Paradigm.
Saturday, Jan 6th 2-5pm MT

  • Identify clear, bold money goals to propel you forward.

  • Be introduced to the mindset necessary to increase your income fast.

  • Immerse in a new money paradigm that fits your values and opens you to enjoying your abundant livelihood.


2nd workshop in February. Establish Your Ideal Client, part 1.
Sunday, Feb 18th 2-5pm MT

  • Move beyond subconscious sabotage that stands in the way of you experiencing an abundant and prosperous life.

  • Learn why clarity on your niche makes copywriting, marketing and sales much easier and much more authentic.

3rd workshop in March. Establish Your Ideal Client, part 2.
Sunday, March 18th 2-5pm MT

  • Get clear who you want to work with and who is the best client for you.

  • Gain insight into how to frame your offers so your ideal clients are compelled to work with you.


4th workshop in April. Copy Writing Skills, part 1.
Saturday, April 21st 2-5pm MT

  • Discover tips and tricks to copy writing that make your marketing and offers more appealing to your ideal clients.

  • Learn what NOT to do in copywriting that blocks clients from finding you.

** It is highly recommended to take advantage of VIP one-one-one sessions with Kendra during this module.


5th workshop in May. Copy Writing Skills, part 2.
Sunday, May 20th 2-5pm MT

  • Receive more valuable nuggets that advance your income goals.

  • Receive skilled coaching to help with your personal breakthroughs, integration and results.

** It is highly recommended to take advantage of VIP one-one-one sessions with Kendra during this module.


6th workshop in June. Create Financially Successful Weekend Workshops.
Sunday, June 24th 2018 3-6pm MT

  • Expand your reach and create a bigger audience for your workshops.

  • Find out how to market and fill your weekend workshops.


7th workshop in July. Create Your Funnel.
Sunday, July 22nd 3-6pm MT (the date might change)

  • Learn how to create a variety of programs and offers to diversify your business model.

  • Discover the importance of a ‘funnel’ - a step by step process that helps your clients move from one program to the next, increasing their commitment and gaining greater results.


8th workshop in August. Expand Your Money Mastery.
Sunday, Aug 19th 3-6pm MT

  • Uplevel your money mindset and discover how to increase your prices.

  • Stand in your value and feel confident about your pricing.

9th workshop in September. Enrollment Conversation Made Easy, part 1.
Saturday, Sept 22nd 2-5pm MT

  • Learn how to have enrollment conversations from the heart.

  • Discover effective strategies for enrollment so you feel confident and increase sales.

  • Be able to stay in your power and handle objections with ease.


10th workshop in October. Enrollment Conversation Made Easy, part 2.
Saturday, Oct 20th 3-6pm MT

  • Continue finding more ease, confidence and clarity in your enrollment conversations.

  • Identify the blocks that keep you from speaking of your work clearly, boldly and courageously.


11th workshop in November. Your Bigger Vision, part 1.
Sunday, Nov 11th 2-5pm MDT

  • Create a clear and reliable long-term plan for your business.

  • Create a step by step process to achieve your one year and/or three year goals.

  • Establish support systems to allow you to reach those goals with as much ease as possible.


12th workshop in December. Your Bigger Vision, part 2.
Sunday, Dec 9th 2-5pm MDT

  • Step into a bigger role as a trainer of trainers.

  • Become proficient at enrolling people for higher end packages ($7,000+)

  • Re-visit topics that you need coaching on.

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includes both Julia Mikk's and Kendra E. Thornbury's curriculum: