Empower the Healer Within
(Holiday edition)
Embody Inner Peace & Release Your Hidden Gifts

for the Most Fulfilling 2019

4 week live online course offered Dec 6-27th 2018

For aspiring healers, change agents and entrepreneurs who are blocked by obligations, overwhelmor doubt:

"Imagine using these holidays to Access Your Inner Healer,
Discover Your Value and Jumpstart Your Heart’s True Calling
for a Deeply Fulfilling 2019!"

Beautiful Soul,

I know your heart yearns to to be a healer or change-maker and make an impact in this world.

… I also know you sometimes may doubt if you have any gifts at all or whether you have what it takes to make a difference.

… And worse, for so many of you, family obligations, stress and everyday pressures seem to always take priority and your heart’s calling continues to be put off.

Yet the call for greater inner peace, fulfillment and being a vehicle for good in this world continues to call.

And it is to YOU that I say…


Don’t go through another holiday season feeling triggered by
family obligations, insecurity or a deep sense of unfulfillment.


Imagine instead using these holidays as a catalyst for deep inner peace,
and actualization of your healing gift and life purpose.

This is what is available to you.

And this is what my upcoming 4-week course is all about!

If you have been...

  • Frustrated by endless life obligations and holiday events that keep you frazzled, tending to everyone but yourself. And, worse, putting off your dreams further.

  • Longing to say YES to your heart’s desire to live a deeper call NOW but unsure how to move past your own doubts or family expectations.

  • Unsure about your gifts as a healer or change-maker and whether you can really make a difference in the world.

  • Struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or old habitual triggers and wishing you knew how to stay centered and at peace amidst the chaos of life.

  • Longing to just be yourself and remain loyal to your heart’s call around family and friends who don’t get your spiritual path.

  • Frustrated with another holiday season that takes so much effort when all you want to do is feel at ease and most of all, FREE to move forward on a more fulfilling path now. Not “after the new year” once you’ve taken care of everything and everyone, but you.

Is it you?

If yes, I invite you to join us for this empowering, 4-week journey that will nourish you back to peace, unearth the power of your inner healer and activate your confidence…

so you can create a life you desire this 2019!

Yes, I'm done with putting this off any more!

The Empower the Healer Within course is a rare short-format opportunity to experience Julia Mikk's (Founder of Breath of Love) unique world-renowned teachings, breathwork and embodiment practices...

known for their abilities to gently but instantly transform stress and insecurity, activate your inner power and catapult you into living a fulfilling life aligned with your soul and purpose…

All in a short, powerful yet deeply nourishing format through the stressful holiday season so that you don’t delay honoring yourself and your heart’s call any further!


Imagine instead actually using this rich and fertile holiday time to feel deep peace, cultivate confidence and vision and activate the empowered, creative being and healer you know you’re meant to be.


Imagine taking a stand for yourself NOW, not later, so that you actually experience the greater fulfillment and peace you long for in 2019.


This is what EMPOWER THE HEALER WITHIN (Holiday Edition) is all about.

During our time together, you’ll discover how to:


  • Use the holidays as advanced spiritual practice to find peace and connection to your soul’s joy and guidance no matter what is happening around you.

  • Cultivate the presence and inner strength to not be distracted by your family, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, or other people’s expectations.

  • Masterfully work with family triggers to feel empowered, radiant and focused rather depleted, frustrated and disempowered.

  • Replace feelings of loneliness and unfulfillment with deep feelings of connection, love and inner peace.

  • Embody a deeper sense of value and self-recognition and feel more comfortable in your skin. Finally honored by those around you as you more deeply honor yourself.

  • Begin to cultivate your healing abilities to bring greater peace, love and ease in yourself and others.

  • Use this time to tap into your soul’s purpose and develop the confidence to move into it THIS year, not “some day”.

  • Stay centered, inspired and committed as you stretch into your greater destiny as a healer, teacher or change-maker.


All within a sacred vessel of high-caliber support that
allows you to be constantly tapped into a rich and
nourishing well of inspiration and higher wisdom.


And what better time to gift yourself this than the holidays?

The Empower the Healer Within 4 week journey includes…


1) 4 LIVE Weekly 90 Minute experiential video sessions where you will receive powerful downloads of wisdom and be led through transformational exercises on the call’s topic. At the end of each session there will be time for you to receive support from Julia Mikk for the challenges you are personally working with. She will be using her unique and powerful intuitive, psychic and counseling skills to guide you to the clarity you have been waiting for. (All calls are recorded if you can’t make it live)


2) Short video lessons to inspire you to stay on track and integrate the new wisdom in easy ways throughout each week.

Module 1: Peace
The Doorway to your Inner Healer
on Dec 6th 5:30-7pm PST, 8:30-10pm EST


Peace truly is the doorway to your gifts as a healer and being a powerful presence of inspiration in this world. It is by removing anxiety and living from a deeper stillness that you gain the most direct access to your inner power, clarity, confidence and creativity.

This module will help you discover how to find peace in the chaos of life and the holidays. Embody that sense of center amidst any storm. 


Module 2: Know Your Value
The Key to Living True to You 
Dec 13th 5:30-7pm PST, 8
:30-10pm EST 

The reason there are so many people who yearn to express in a more authentic way or live a life of greater fulfillment and impact - but don’t - is not just from lack of training or clarity about their gifts; it is from a lack of self-recognition.

In not knowing your value, you are easily affected by others and guided by their expectations rather than your own truth.

You likely have a very full and busy life but it always feels shallow and not true to you. In this module, we take the crucial foundational step of reconnecting you to your true Self; the place from which you are naturally less affected by others expectations and live more confidently, guided by the infinite wisdom and strength inside of you. 


Module 3: The Ultimate Test
Discovering a New Confidence and Ease Amidst Family 
Dec 20th 5:30-7pm PST, 8
:30-10pm EST 

As you begin to feel a greater, embodied sense of confidence, peace and self-respect, few circumstances can throw you off as quickly as old, habitual family dynamics. And this is where the holidays can be both the ultimate test and the ultimate gift when used to create new dynamics that result in greater peace and harmony.

In this module, you will be guided on how to use family triggers to actually feel more confident, not less. You will discover unique ways to find freedom from the old constricting triggers and how to create a new reality where you feel honored, valued and deeply comfortable in your own skin, no matter what's happening around you. 

Module 4: Your Gifts Revealed
Channel your new empowered self into a bigger purpose in 2019
Dec 27th 5:30-7pm PST, 8
:30-10pm EST 

Our journey continues by guiding you on how to use this new found strength in 2019. In this inspiring module, you will be guided on how to further clarify and channel your gifts into meaningful work.

It is crucial to own your unique capacities and discover the vision that will most powerfully move you into inspired action. This powerful and interactive module will help you tap into your own vision and unearth a courage to bring it through.

*Bonus Call: Self-Mastery
3 Keys to Sustaining Confidence & Finally Achieving your Dreams in 2019
 Jan 8th 5:30-7pm PST, 8
:30-10pm EST 

We are adding a bonus New Year call to ensure you stay on track and on purpose. In this illuminating call, you will gain a deeper insight on the aspects of embodied self-mastery that will ensure you jump start your bigger dreams in 2019 and maintain them in a sustainable, nourishing way.

You will also discover the most common patterns you will likely encounter that could stop your progress as you move forward in living your truth and purpose in a greater way.

Awareness of this is crucial in order to not be derailed and remain at the helm of your own life experience, grounded, surrendered, joyous and confident. It will be a powerful, important step in saying YES to your bigger dreams AND finally bringing them to life this year, not “some day”.

Isn't it time to choose YOU?

Your gift to YOU will be the greatest gift to your family
and the world.

Special Bonus!

Receive lifetime access to Your Deepest Fulfillment Master Class Series with videos of over 21 world renowned healers, teachers, and mindfulness experts. These are powerful recordings of a telesummit designed to help you drop your excuses and step into the radiance and power of your most sacred purpose now. Normally $397.

Also!We will have Advanced Breath of Love Teachers coming as guest speakers for some of the online sessions. You'll get a chance to learn from world class healers in addition to Julia Mikk!
Your investment: $397

You are still welcome to sign up now even though the course has already started. You will receive all the recordings of the past modules to your inbox, and can start watching them right away.

Pay in one payment of $397

Or, pay in 3 installments of $144

 (includes administrative fees)

How is this course different?


This course will be specifically powerful for you if you feel you have an intellectual understanding of “who you are” and spiritual principles yet you still don’t feel confident, clear and at ease in your body and life. This is the fist key difference with this course: we are taking your wisdom from your head, to your body, where it counts.


The second key differentiating factor is that we approach all growth, purpose and self-actualization as a result of ease and flow, not effort and pain.


Hence this course is for you if you are ready to feel greater ease in your body, a more direct experience of true confidence and manifest powerfully through the energy of flow, presence and heart.


If you’re tired of trying so hard through endless trainings only to find yourself still exhausted, off course and unclear, you will find this clarifying, motivating journey both deeply nourishing and powerfully activating!

Freedom is...


… Being you, without anyone’s permission.

… Staying centered amidst any circumstance and storm.

… Manifesting your deepest gifts and most fulfilling life with joy, ease and flow.


This year give yourself the gift of this ultimate freedom. This gift *to you* will be the greatest gift you will ever share with all those you love!

If you know it’s time to activate your inner healer and bring forth your most powerful, loving presence, for both you and our world... 

join us for what will be a deeply nourishing and activating journey to get ready for your most fulfilling 2019!

"Suddenly that fear of me not being good enough went away.  I started making more money, and feeling at ease at work... My mindset completely shifted about perceiving my own value! Then I started to assess what I needed to do with music, instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. I actually asked my bassist if he would help me which is big because I never used to ask for help! Now I know I deserve it." 
- C. F., NYC

“The course was an amazing eye opener for me about the things that genuinely make me happy in life and some things I may need to eliminate in order to achieve my Heart's Desire fully. Thank you for all that you do, your course has shaped my life in the direction I have wanted it to go!
- Emilee W. Seattle, WA.

Your course facilitator Julia Mikk​​​​​​​​​​ was born in Estonia and now living in Boulder, is an internationally renowned healer, teacher and bestselling author.​​​​​​​​​​ She is the founder of Breath of Love movement with certified Breath of Love Practitioners worldwide. ​

Julia's experiences instantly change people's lives. Her clients come from all over the world to experience the shamanic Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody courage to live their soul purpose.​

Julia brought Breath of Love to life thanks to many powerful awakenings she had with her spiritual teachers. Some of the most important ones being Gangaji, Dan Brule, Binnie A. Dansby and a Peruvian shamanic lineage. Yet, many of the greatest lessons and awakenings came thanks to her own personal journey which wasn't always easy. She got a chance to move through the times of deep depression,  dark nights of the soul, anorexia and bulimia - that's where she learned more than ever before about the power of self-love, oneness, and the true meaning of healing.