6 month VIP package

for conscious women who are ready to live
their soul purpose with ease and abundance. 

Do you often find yourself anxious, tense and fatigued? Are you pushing too hard to be successful yet no matter what you do, somehow you end up making decisions that end up not bringing you what you want?

Or, you are simply too stressed out by carrying so much on your shoulders. There is always another issue to solve.


Why does it have to be so hard?

What stands in the way to having a life of ease, peace and clarity?


Julia's answer is – subconscious. On a surface level you can meditate, do your best to be positive and try to do the right thing. But inside there is something in the way, and it must be released.

Nothing will come to you effortlessly until you release the old subconscious patterns that keep playing out the hardship, lack, fear or self-sabotage in your life.


Julia invites you to step into the new paradigm of creation, where you create from WITHIN. As soon as you let go of the blocks within you, new opportunities, synchronicities and successful ideas start coming to you right away!

You walk out of the session with a new found courage and grace, great sense of freedom and possibility.

​Julia can see and feel your energy long-distance so you don't have to be in the same room with her. You can enjoy the session from the comfort of your own home.

With the help of special guided meditations and energy work Julia helps you let go of the pain and tension. By asking skillful questions and offering her widely renowned expertise she assist you in your greatest empowerment.

Julia's work is for you if you want to:​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Release worry and anxiety.

  • Step out of the overwhelm.

  • Let go of self-doubt and step into a power of your self-confidence.

  • Shed the old traumas and hurts that are still burdening you.

  • Find balance. So, your busy work life doesn't take away from your family or your capacity for most exuisite self-care.

  • Claim back the power of your intuition, and start following it's unbounded wisdom.

  • Know your value.

  • Stop holding yourself back from expressing your gift fully.

  • Allow abundance and resources come to you more effortlessly.

  • Embody courage and freedom to take bold steps towards what you really want in life.

  • Connect to your bigger purpose and bring its bliss of it into your every day reality.

6 month VIP package includes:

1) Two phone sessions twice a month for 6 months.
It's a total of 12 sessions on the phone (90min each).

2) In-person 3 day Vision Quest in Boulder, CO.
3 sessions (120min each) 3 days in a row in the majestic beauty of Boulder mountains. Between the sessions enjoy our legendary hot springs, yoga, hikes in the mountains, walks by the ocean etc. Schedule it according to your own timing. These 3 in-person sessions can also be converted to 4 phone sessions (90min each).

3) Sacred Self-Mastery Course. A powerful in-depth 10 week online course with pre-recorded audio meditations, lectures and home study guides. Each week offers a new topic, including inner peace, self-love, soul purpose, healing the world etc.

Your investment in yourself:

$4,600 if paid in full.
$667 per month if you choose 7 month payment plan (includes $10 installment fee).

If you paid for all the items separately it would be a total of $5,102. This package saves you $502!

To apply email julia@breathoflove.org. Spaces for this 6 month package are limited. If there are no spots left, you can be placed on the waiting list.

Pay in full $4,600

$667 per month for 7 months

 When we started working with Julia I was lingering in a very unhappy and abusive relation at work that had made me very dependent, and at a general level incapacitated.​​​​This regular contact with Julia offers the best service to establish a regular practice, a sustained quality of presence and the manifestation of our dreams.""When I started working with Julia I was lingering in a very unhappy and abusive relationship at work that had made me very dependent, and at a general level incapacitated.

As we worked with Julia in regular phone sessions I was amazed and inspired by Julia's intuition, even mesmerized by her ability to know my state of mind and being. I received great advice, fantastic support, and an opening into the realm of new possibilities.

With the help provided during those regular coaching calls I finally decided to quit the company I have been working for, and now I am establishing myself as a private consultant and contractor in my field of expertise. With my beloved, we are deepening our love every day, living an intimate relationship I had grown to believe impossible for me to experience.

I feel good in my body, and rejoicing for the energy that has been liberated from fears and worries, and excited for what it allows to accomplish. I am grateful for the peace that lives inside, for the gentleness that is flourishing again, and for the strength offered. It is as if I have found myself again, the one I love, the one with an open heart.​

I have never made a better investment in my life weather in time or money.

This regular contact with Julia offers the best service to establish a regular practice, a sustained quality of presence and the manifestation of your dreams."

- Cecile Arnaud, Mosaic artist/ Consultant and designer for mosaic projects, New York. 

“Suddenly that fear of me not being good enough went away.  I started making more money, and feeling at ease at work instead of being self-conscious. 

Then I started to assess what I needed to do with my dream of music, instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. I actually asked my bassist if he would help me which is big because I never used to ask for help! Now I know I deserve it.

My mindset completely shifted about perceiving my own value! I was sitting there on the floor painting a dresser and became almost shocked at the way I was able to value myself… it was so different! I could see that my life would evolve very differently when I experience myself as a successful confident worthwhile person. I could see the choices I would make differently.
It feels like a huge relief from so many forms of stress that were causing me to feel really constricted and trapped. Thank you for your immense help and brilliant work, Julia!”
-C. F., NYC, singer and songwriter.




“When I first experienced a Breath of Love session with Julia Mikk, I was literally blown away! I have received high vibrational energy work for over 20 year, and I have never felt anything like this!!!  Waves upon waves of suppressed emotions rose up through me and were instantly released. I made the decision that day to continue working with Julia.

Julia is a true master, gently guiding you back to yourself and your connection to source energy.  Now miracle upon miracle continues to happen in my life.

By implementing the tools Julia gave me, I am able to easily navigate fear and anxiety before they even begin to take hold… I no longer have insomnia and I sleep peacefully through the night.

I highly recommend this work. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. If you are seeking greater clarity in your life and want to be fully placed in your soul's purpose, Julia is the one for you."
- Laurie G., polarity therapist, Sedona, AZ.



"Thank you for the divine timing. At the beginning of the call I had a migraine. I layed down on the couch in the dark with my hand on my belly and just let myself receive love. Let myself just breathe and be. By the end of the session no more migraine! I released the fear so easily and am back to creating! Thank you, Julia!!!"
- Deborah Fryer, tranformational life coach, producer and director. Boulder, CO.