Advanced Teachers

Jenna Hedstrom 

supports soul-centered men & women  

women as they break self-sabotaging patterns that keep them in a circuit of struggle and frustration, so they can discover what it feels like to live from a place of ease and fulfillment while making an impact on the world....all while being true to who they are!

She is wildly passionate about showing those who have endured tragedy or have had a painful past how to navigate grief, release trauma, and benefit from their difficult experiences so that they can thrive in a life full of inspiration, freedom and bliss.

A pivotal piece of Jenna’s spiritual journey took place 5 years ago when senseless gun violence brought her to the face of

tragedy. The tragedy shattered her world as she knew it, but today she can proudly say it connected her to a whole new understanding of infinite possibility, and the discovery of her true Soul purpose - being of Divine Service.

Jenna is a highly trained yogi, intuitive spiritual guide, facilitator, teacher, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She has worked with hundreds of people in their personal growth journey to find lasting peace and transformation. Her extensive background, study and focus on yoga and breathwork for trauma and addiction recovery has allowed her to help clients make breakthroughs that they have not been able to make doing any other type of work.


Jenna is compassionate towards humans and animals alike, and is known for her gigantic heart. She is funny and playful and also has a devout following of kids, or mini-yogi’s as she calls them, who adore her and wouldn’t miss her yoga class for anything!  Outside of breathwork, yoga and healing, Jenna thrives on being in nature, cooking in her conscious kitchen creating delicious vegetarian meals and being sandwiched between her two pitbulls. She is mildly obsessed with anything Disney, hence naming her fur babies after the Pixar movie Wall-e (Eva and Wall-e). Her free-spirited, spontaneous nature leads her to hitting the open road as often as possible with no determined destination in mind.  She loves road trips and just following the adventure put on her path – a direct reflection of her avid zeal and deep gratitude for life. But truly, there is no place like her peaceful, loving home in Chandler, AZ.


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leandra Rose

is a women’s transformational coach who

empowers women to release familial and cultural imprinting so that they can live their most authentic and fulfilling lives.

Leandra started her transformational work in 2008 after healing her anxiety and panic attacks with meditation. This set her off on a journey to become an advanced teacher in Breath of Love, meditation, embodiment, energetics & mindset. Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence and process she brings to her sessions and workshops. It’s also her extensive background in psychology,

somatic experiencing & mindfulness that creates a unique, empowering and safe space for her clients and students to unlock their highest potential.


From teaching meditation to billion dollar corporations to leading small, intimate retreats for awakening women, Leandra holds an exquisite space that allows her clients to have profound breakthroughs in life, health, heart & purpose.

is an alternative holistic wellness