Breath of Love Course 2019
Personal Mastery Course


Facilitator Certification  Course

Breath of Love apprenticeship

with Julia Mikk and Advanced Teachers


March – November 2019



What is your life devoted to?


What is your deepest calling?


What is the Gift you came to bring to our world?


Is it to help, heal and empower others?


Are you here to guide people into the new paradigm of peace, love and abundance?


Motivation Behind the Breath of Love Work


Breath of Love was born from an overwhelming desire to bring to others the gifts that allowed me to go from a life filled with constant trials, tribulations and many dark nights of the soul, into living from a steady state of profound peace, love and divine purpose.


However, this desire to share the tremendous healing and awakening I experienced with others is not the only motivation behind this life-changing work...


The other main fuel came after witnessing so many on the “self-development” path work so hard to find peace and purpose with either little relief or via approaches that felt extremely difficult, intense and exhausting at times. Breath of Love showed me that the opposite was possible and it is then that I became doubly committed not just to facilitating the healing and empowerment process effectively, but to show people that it is possible to experience such depths of peace and lasting change WITH EASE.  That’s what gave birth to the powerful offering of Breath of Love 20 years ago, and it keeps expanding and evolving every day.


Do I have what it takes to become a Breath of Love Facilitator?


This course is for aspiring or seasoned healers who desire a methodology that will allow them to feel capable, confident and free to facilitate profoundly healing and life-changing experiences for hundreds (and possibly thousands) of others. This is the beauty of Breath of Love; it’s power to bring about deep healing, peace and empowerment both in 1:1 personal settings as well as in groups. Both for the sake of our planet, as well as our own physical and financial well-being as healers, such transformational work that can be done with ease in large scale is important more than ever, and a gift.


Our aim with this training is to generate healers who are masters of their craft AND effective in bringing it to the world. As such, this training will guide you both on the technical and practical elements of being a successful facilitator. You will not only master how to powerfully guide people as a healer, but also know how to organize your own workshops and work with money in a conscious and abundant way.


Because of the sacred and powerful nature of this work, this course is offered to only a small, select group of apprentices. This will allow all participants to receive ample individual guidance and ensure they cultivate their skills as a Breath of Love facilitator in the most optimal way.


As you understand, leading a group of individuals through deep, transformational breathwork is a tremendous responsibility. It requires deep integrity, impeccability and clear energetic attunement. This is what distinguishes Breath of Love work from other breathwork modalities. It is highly attuned to the energy field, subtleties of the human anatomy, and requires a high skill of intuition from the facilitator.


This level of attunement allows the participants to experience a deep healing in an effortless and gentle way. It is not an intense cathartic therapy. Rather, it is a deep vibrational medicine that gently but quickly changes people from the inside out by helping them open to their innate health, intelligence of their Soul, and potency of their destiny.

It is a gift and a skill, that with the right training, can be cultivated. And from what I have witnessed in my years of teaching this craft, if you are being called to this work, this level of attunement and mastery is waiting to be awakened from inside of you now.

In order to facilitate such mastery, the training has been divided into two parts: Personal Mastery & Facilitator training. This is because the only true way to take others down a path is to go down that path yourself first. The combination of personal development and practitioner training ensures you have not just the skills to succeed, but the embodiment of the peace, wisdom and journey yourself.


As such, Level 1 is all about you! This level alone will amplify the impact you have in your current work and life as it amplifies your own presence, peace and power. It will powerfully guide you into living from a deeper state of peace, power and presence yourself first. And because of the tremendous self-mastery and greater inner peace that is experienced from this level alone, we have many participants who do only this level simply for the personal, life-enhancing benefits.


Level 2 is where you learn to work with others and bring the work to the world. Those seeking to become Breath of Love facilitators or amplify their own healing practice will gain mastery of both the subtleties and practicalities of working with people in a powerfully transformational way.


If you commit to this journey of becoming a Breath of Love Group Facilitator, not only will you be stepping into the great honor of changing the lives of many others in a powerful yet gentle way, but you will be changing your own life as well. And all of this in service to living your bigger purpose, and helping bring the power of peace and love to our planet in an exponential way now.


I have put 20 years of healing, deep study, countless private sessions, life-changing realizations, and facilitating hundreds of workshops into this 9 month comprehensive program. It is my deep privilege to offer it to you now in 2019. And it is my honor to walk such a sacred path with you.


With gratitude,

Julia Mikk

Founder of Breath of Love

Level 1: Personal Mastery training
Experience a profound liberation from worry and overwhelm, embody peace and thrive with ease.

6 Day training: February 28th 2019 - March 5th 2019 in Boulder, CO

(6th day is optional for people who need to leave early)


This training will help YOU embody peace in yourself first. It will help anyone (whether you’re a mother, CEO or healer) amplify the positive impact you have in your current work and life as it amplifies your own presence, power and peace.


In our time together, you will be powerfully guided through the inner healing work around subconscious patterns and old tendencies that have influenced your choices and kept you feeling unsatisfied, insecure and from living from a place of courage, free expression, abundance and possibilities.


The result of this is greater sense of inner freedom, intuition and confidence with which you easily embrace the choices, actions and paths that are most fulfilling and joyful to your heart and soul.


So join us for a nourishing, transformational week of breathwork, self-realization and healing that you will walk away from empowered, at greater peace, and simply, transformed.


Through the course of this experiential training, you will discover easy and effective ways to:


  • Liberate Yourself from the vicious cycle of worry and exhaustion.

  • Create a life where you have more than enough time to do everything you love.

  • Find peace in your life through this powerful, world renowned healing modality.

  • Rewire your nervous system so you can access ease and peace even in the most difficult circumstance.

  • Step out of overwhelm and clear the underlying subconscious reasons that  keep you recreating it in your life.

  • Grow your intuitive skills and listen to your inner guidance not just in your Breath of Love session but in your life.

  • Embody a new way to stay centered and not let other people’s energy affect you.

  • Step into a life of Fulfillment and Soul-Nourishment.

  • Study the format, anatomy, energy work, and intuitive skills that go along with Breath of Love work.



  • 6 day in-person training in Boulder, CO on February 28th, 2019 - March 5th, 2019. (Value $1,700)

  • 1 one-on-one private Breath of Love session (90 min.), in-person or virtual, with Advanced Teacher. Receive according to your schedule within 30 days of your in-person training in Boulder, CO. (Value $300)

  • 1 one-on-one private session (90 min.), via phone or Skype, with the founder of the work Julia Mikk. Receive according to your schedule within 60 days of your in-person training in Boulder, CO. (Value $500)

BONUS #1: Your Deepest Fulfillment telesummit recordings (Value $297)

BONUS #2: 2 monthly group Zoom support sessions (90 min.) led by Julia Mikk, in March and April 2019. (Value $200)


BONUS #3: “Heart & Soul: Living a Love-Filled, Spirit-Guided, Consciously-Created Life” book that Julia Mikk is co-authoring. (Value $25)


BONUS #4: Private secret Facebook support group.

* Package discounts and payment plans available to make this work accessible to everyone who is called.


Level 2: Breath of Love Facilitator Certification

Step into your bigger purpose, embody the fullness of your Soul’s gifts, create abundance with ease.


This CERTIFICATION level is for those ready to deepen their own experience of freedom, peace and power while embodying a deeper purpose and the confidence, clarity and skills to bring this transformation about in others.


You will gain an unparalleled holistic toolkit for facilitating healing in a powerful, leveraged yet gentle way, for growing a successful business and most importantly, for maintaining your sense of self, energy and power so that you remain joyous, confident and resilient throughout your journey as a healer and guide. Once you complete all necessary requirements, you will be certified as a Breath of Love Facilitator.

This 6 month journey begins April 1st and goes until November 30th, 2019, and will take place both in Boulder, CO and at your location. Boulder training takes place July 11-16th, 2019 and is a hands-on practice module where you learn invaluable skills and tools to become the most empowered and effective healer and leader you can be.


Through the course of this experiential training, you will discover easy and effective ways to:


  • Embody the full power of your Soul’s gifts.

  • Facilitate powerful healing sessions in a group setting.

  • Stop hiding and find courage to be seen and valued for who you are.

  • Develop and rise in your heart-centered  leadership skills.

  • Develop clear intuition and expand your psychic awareness so that you experience greatest flow, synchronicity, clarity and ease with your clients and in your own life.

  • Stay clear in your own energy field and not be affected by others’ issues or energy.

  • Expand your connection to your spirit guides and connect with the field of intelligence that is here to assist you.

  • Tap into a clear source energy which revitalizes and heals you powerfully from within and is also the source of the greatest healing for others.

  • Master the bodywork and somatic awareness skills that helps people relax, become receptive and most effortlessly heal from old trauma.

  • Master the  energy skills that help you stay grounded, confident and attuned to what is needed in every moment, especially when you are taking other people through deeply transformational processes.

  • Embody new coaching and verbal skills to guide people through their healing processes as effectively as possible.

  • Learn basic neurolinguistic programming skills to both help you move through limitations in your life as well as empower your clients who come to you for assistance.

  • Discover your Soul’s greater purpose and unique, special offering that can flow only through you.

  • Find deep ease in your body and in your life while you are helping others.

  • Start offering workshops in your community and generate new additional income by doing what you love.

* Co-facilitate with Julia Mikk and/or Advanced Teachers at 2 public workshops. This will give you hands-on practice to cultivate your skill of personal mastery in the most optimal way.

* Receive your own healing sessions as part of the 6th day in this intensive so you can fully let go of your habitual fears, chronic tensions and constant worries.




  • 6 day in-person Foundation Certification Course training in Boulder, CO  July 11th through July 16th, 2019. For people who are not able to attend 6 full days, you may attend just the first 5 days. (Value $3,500)

  • Monthly Course group Zoom trainings (90min.) led by Julia Mikk until November 2019. These are recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can easily watch them later. (Value $800)

  • 5 one-on-one private Breath of Love sessions (90 min.), in-person or virtual, with assigned Advanced Teacher. (Value $1,500)

  • 6 one-on-one private Supervision Calls (90min.), over the phone, with assigned Advanced Teacher. (Value $1,800)

  • A written manual that will help you facilitate powerful workshops with ease. (Value $187)

  • 1 one-on-one private graduation call (90min.), via phone or Skype, with Julia Mikk. (Value $500)

  • Everyday Excellence Course, 12-week online course (90 min. video recordings) with Julia Mikk and Dan Brule, world renowned breathworker and high performance coach. (Value $797)

  • A library of 20+ audio materials to deepen your study of energy work, effective facilitation of powerful breakthrough sessions, clearly attuned intuition and more. (Value $900)


BONUS #1: Ticket for you to “Your Deepest Fulfillment” weekend workshop in April 2019. (Value $797)


BONUS #2: “Fill Your Workshops with Ease” online program. Audio lectures and written manuals designed to help you fill workshops with ease and create a prosperous practice by bringing Breath of Love healing work to your community (or expand it worldwide. (Value $497)


BONUS #3: Private secrete Facebook support group.

As a Facilitator Certification Course participant you will also receive the following opportunities:

  • Attend any event as a participant until Dec 2019 and receive (50% off ticket price of event).

  • Purchase Additional 90 minute sessions with an Advanced Teacher and Founder at a 20% savings off their private session rates (rates vary among Advanced Teachers) until December 31st, 2019.


Once all certification requirements have been met by the end of November 2019:

  • You will be welcomed and announced on the Breath of Love email list as the newest Breath of Love Facilitator along with your short bio and a link to your personal website.

  • You will have your name and information listed on the website to be promoted as a certified Breath of Love Facilitator (after all requirements have been met and the Certification of Completion has been delivered).

  • You can come to any workshop with Julia Mikk to co-facilitate Expand your experience, and get valuable feedback (facilitator will not be paid for co-facilitating).


Breath of Love Facilitator Certification requirements:

In order to be certified as a Breath of Love Facilitator student has to:

  • Lead a minimum of 9 workshops independently, at your own location.

  • Finish all private sessions (11 sessions with Advanced Teacher and 1 session with Founder, Julia Mikk).

  • Attend in-person 6 day training in Boulder, CO (for those people are not able to attend 6 full days, you may attend the first 5 days).



Module 1: Enhanced Inner Mastery

April 1st 2019 until June 26th 2019

At your location.


  • Do your own deep inner work to let go of fears and insecurities that keep you from stepping into the full power of your natural gifts.

  • Heal old trauma that stands in the way to you feeling deep ease in your body and deep peace in your mind.

  • Learn tools and skills to facilitate powerful breakthrough sessions in a group setting.

  • Start giving your own workshops at your location.




  • Individual private sessions on the phone and video with your assigned Advanced Teacher.

  • Monthly group video sessions with Julia Mikk (90 min each). These are recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can easily watch them later.

  • Listen to the library of 20+ audio materials to deepen your study of energy work, effective facilitation of powerful breakthrough sessions, clearly attuned intuition and more.

Module 2: Empowered Facilitation Mastery

July 11th - July 16th 2019

6 day intensive in Boulder, CO


  • Go deeper into the subtleties of your facilitation and cultivate new skills to facilitate powerful healing sessions to others.

  • Open to a new level of energetic attunement where you can understand energy, trauma healing and release on a much deeper level.

  • Learn to set clear boundaries and to not pick up other people's 'problems'.

  • Co-facilitate with Julia at 2 or 3 public workshops. This will give you hands-on practice to cultivate your skill as a Breath of Love Facilitator in a most optimal way.

Module 3: Next Level of Leadership

July 3rd until November 30th 2019

At your location.

  • Lead bigger workshops.

  • Claim yourself as a leader in your field, know your value, and feel confident in your expertise.

  • Move out of the old paradigm of struggle. Discover how to lead groups and work with clients with utmost ease.

  • Create an abundant healing practice that is based on principles of ease and simplicity.

  • Understand the spiritual exchange of money and be comfortable with charging for your services.

  • Do important inner repatterning work to allow more prosperity into your life.

  • Let go of self-doubt and old unresolved hurt that stands in the way to your fullness, bigness and Soul purpose in the world.

  • Find Courage to show up with your full gifts, and feel honored and valued in return.


BONUS #1: After the completion of the certification course come to any workshop to facilitate, keep learning and getting feedback from Julia Mikk.

BONUS #2: Come attend any events outside of the Certification Course as a participant until December 31st 2019 at a 50% discount.

BONUS #3: All additional private 90 minute sessions (if you want to receive more sessions than it is provided by the curriculum) at a 20% discount until Dec 31st, 2019.


* Package discounts and payment plans available to make this work accessible to everyone who is called.


Private Supervision Calls with Advanced Teacher


These calls focus on your workshop facilitation or they can include working through the personal issues that are arising in your everyday life. That’s why they are 90 min long. So, you have plenty of time to peel off the layers that stand in the way to your freedom, clarity and Soul Purpose.


What will be coming up in your everyday life and relationships will not be a coincidence. It most likely will be connected to you stepping into your power as a healer and facilitator in a greater way.


Private Breath of Love sessions with Advanced Teacher


By going through your own personal Breath of Love sessions you will let go of all the heaviness, tension and limiting beliefs that stand in the way to your freedom, joy and ease in your life. AND, you’ll also learn how to facilitate other people’s sessions. It’s invaluable to understand the work through your own personal experience.




“After such a powerful and EASY experience with Breath of Love, releasing deep seated pain and grief from profound loss in my life, I wanted to bring the process and gift to my clients. The BOL certification course was a blessing. Not only have I been able to bring powerful healing to my clients, I was able to work deeply on myself as I was loving supported by my fellow trainees and Julia Mikk. The intimate one-one-one work with Julia and the abundance of experiential learning she provides is miraculous, intentional and deeply fulfilling.


Julia has a way of keeping complete relevance and poignancy in her teachings... The curriculum and pedagogy are unique and customized to you as a practitioner. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend the training to grow as a practitioner, business owner and healer. “

- Liz Berent, Certified Breath of Love Facilitator



“Julia's Breath of Love Certification Course is totally an "open-ended" adventure for whoever is ready for a transformative rebirth. I didn't expect a growth of this scale.


Now I don't feel the "pulling back" when I step into my true voice and action any more. I proudly think, behave, and talk from a more honest place, and the realness in my voice and behaviors has started changing my reality. For example, I was able to manifest a promotion at work literally overnight!

I have a more fluid mindset. The flexibility of my mind has brought unlimited possibilities into my everyday life: I have started making friends with people I usually don't like and I am able to turn things around within just a few minutes.


The fundamental liberation I received in this Certification Course is the source of everything I have been longing for, such as health, wealth, happiness, and well-being. Julia is an extraordinarily strong, mature, and powerful woman. Don't be fooled by her "tiny body", she carries the "bigness" way beyond this realm. My highest appreciation to her authenticity and courage. Thank you, Julia!”

- Lola Hue, NY, certified Breath of Love Facilitator


When I first experienced a Breath of Love session with Julia Mikk, I was literally blown away! I have received high vibrational energy work for over 20 year, and I have never felt anything like this!!!  Waves upon waves of suppressed emotions rose up through me and were instantly released. I made the decision that day to continue working with Julia.


Julia is a true master, gently guiding you back to yourself and your connection to source energy.  Now miracle upon miracle continues to happen in my life.


By implementing the tools Julia gave me, I am able to easily navigate fear and anxiety before they even begin to take hold… I no longer have insomnia and I sleep peacefully through the night.

I highly recommend this work. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. If you are seeking greater clarity in your life and want to be fully placed in your soul's purpose, Julia is the one for you."

- Laurie G., polarity therapist, Sedona, AZ.




"Julia brings the most powerful blend of Childlike innocence and intuitive knowing to the Art of Breathwork. She continually inspires me with her natural wisdom, her emotional courage, her free spirit and her amazing ability to hold a space of pure love. She is one of the best Breathworkers I know."

- Dan Brule - internationally renowned spiritual teacher, author and a pioneer in the Art and Science of Breathwork.


“Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”