Breakthrough Experience

On Saturday, July 13th, 2019 in Denver, CO with Julia Mikk

On Sunday, July 14th, 2019 in Boulder, CO with Leandra Rose

Come experience a powerful inner journey
through breath, music, and healing touch. 

Enjoy a profound liberation from worry and anxiety. Embody a whole new level of peace, ease and clarity.

Are you a health-loving person who has done yoga, read your share of self-help books, attended healing workshops, and perhaps had some powerful spiritual glimpses, but when it comes to your everyday reality you still struggle with overwhelm, anxiety and the feeling that something is missing?

Come join us for a rare opportunity to journey with internationally renowned healer and master teacher Julia Mikk through a life-changing breath-sound-healing-ceremony.

You will experience a profound emotional relief, touch deep inner peace, and access clear Soul Guidance for your life!

You will:


- Find out what it feels like to have profound clarity, and pure peace permeate your whole body and mind.

- Rewire your nervous system and clear trauma energy from your body.


- Open the channels to connect with your Soul's clear guidance.


- Manifest your bigger vision and purpose with courage and confidence in this new year to come.

This profound shamanic healing process will pave a powerful new path of deep fulfillment, abundance, and openness in your life.

"There have been many questions in my mind about how to accomplish goals of Gods purpose for me and how to get there from here. I had been listening to too many other peoples advice... The session with Julia blasted through my confusion, in an Instant all of the questions that were bothering me were answered and I felt at one with my innate intelligence and the Universal Wisdom and Love." 
- Vincent Ruffino, Certified Biofeedback Technician. New Orleans, LA

​"I have been doing yoga for 13 years and am a child of the self-help movement. Yet, even with all that I knew there was still something missing. Julia's breath of love work opened up channels of love in ways I have never felt before! If you are wanting to remove the blocks of pain for good then invest in this blissful transformational work."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
- Hillary Rubin, Nationally Recognized Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA 

"Beyond bliss, working with Julia was a journey to my pure self. I directly experienced the powerful love and light of the universe and felt myself expand and return to that state of being."
- Laura H., Healer, Ojai, CA

Breakthrough Experience
with Julia Mikk

Saturday, July 13th, 2019

2:00pm - 5:30pm

The Freyja Project

3456 Tejon Street

Denver, CO 80211

$47 early bird 

$67 starting July 10th

This is an intimate small group event and spaces are limited. Register right away to make sure you get a spot. Email any questions to


Click on the link above to register. You will create a MindBody account for Freija project and register there.

Breakthrough Experience with
Leandra Rose

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

3:30pm - 6:30pm

Alchemy of Movement

2436 30th Street

Boulder, CO 80301

$47 early bird 

$67 starting July 11th

This is an intimate small group event and spaces are limited. Register right away to make sure you get a spot. Email any questions to


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"I learned how much effort I am wasting when I spend time worrying, and how my natural state is completely effortless. In this amazing workshop I let go of all worry. All anxiety. I realized how simple and easy and effortless this can be. And, I realized how much effort it takes to be holding onto thoughts, worrying about things... This is the main thing Breath of Love taught me - what letting go means, and how to do it."
- Elliott Lemberger, web designer and singer-songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

Your facilitator on July 13th in Denver: Julia Mikk.
Born in Estonia and now living in America, Julia is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, bestselling author, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 20 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.

Julia’s sessions instantly change people's lives. Her clients come from many different countries to experience the Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody courage to live their soul purpose using this very same powerful healing process that will be introduced in this 3 1/2 hour workshop.

Many have said that it's like no other healing work style out there. It is very powerful, incredibly efficient and quick in its ability to break through stagnant patterns. Yet, even though the work comes with a powerful force of light, it also offers an astounding depth of Divine Feminine gentleness and nourishment.


Your facilitator on July 14th in Boulder: Leandra Rose.
Leandra is an Advanced Breath of Love Teacher empowering women and men to release familial and cultural imprinting so that they can live their most authentic and fulfilling lives.

Leandra started her transformational work in 2008 after healing her anxiety and panic attacks with meditation. This set her off on a journey to become an advanced teacher in Breath of Love, meditation, embodiment, energetics & mindset. Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence and process she brings to her sessions and workshops. It’s also her extensive background in psychology, somatic experiencing & mindfulness that creates a unique, empowering and safe space for her clients and students to unlock their highest potential.

From teaching meditation to billion dollar corporations to leading small, intimate retreats for awakening women, Leandra holds an exquisite space that allows her clients to have profound breakthroughs in life, health, heart & purpose.