Have you read great self-help books, experienced powerful heart-opening workshops, had profound spiritual glimpses of deep peace, pure love or Oneness...

yet ​you feel there is still something missing? Is it causing you to feel inner conflict and tension, holding you back from your true potential?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 Julia Mikk, the founder of Breath of Love process, believes that everyone has a deep purpose in life. Yet, most people have not had the opportunity to actualize it to the level that's possible now. As a result, they feel stuck, frustrated, and unsure how to move forward.

They are in the jobs that are not satisfying (not knowing how to break out of the old pattern)...

in relationships that are not bringing them deep satisfaction...

having issues with money where there never seems to be enough or they are afraid to not be able to sustain what they already have...

or, they are not feeling fulfilled because they are not living their bigger purpose in life. They feel stuck in the same old routine and don't know how to create a new reality of deep meaning and great satisfaction.

Is it you?

Breath of Love process is designed as a powerful inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and re-wiring your nervous system. So, you can fully let go of the old fears, habitual self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs (even the most sticky ones), and can create a life of ease, deep fulfillment and abundance - just the way YOU desire it.

Julia does it by connecting you to your most empowered self and shows you how to access an embodied state of inner peace, clear inner guidance and an expanded ability to create what you desire without struggle.

Because the process is deeply somatic (working with the body, nervous system and subconscious) it offers an accelerated form of transformation. Hundreds of people all over the world have literally called Julia's work 'miraculous' or 'utterly life-changing'.

It is NOT talk therapy where you spend hours talking about your problems. It is a direct access to the deep imprints, fears, and limitations hidden in your subconscious, allowing them to unravel and heal in a way that creates a LASTING change.

That's where a whole new possibility for your life can be born. 

Through Breath of Love sessions many people have healed chronic pains that no doctor could help them with, and emotional pains that no therapist could get deep enough to release. Many have also said that the realization of their oneness, higher power and freedom was something that no other spiritual practice was ever able to offer before.


​"Julia Mikk helped me tremendously with a misalignment in my body I have had for a few years. That is since I was pregnant. I have such extraordinary gratitude for the pain that has left. It is a life changer for me. I have been to many doctors and done every type of herbal treatment. Nothing helped until I found Julia! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Julia. I am basking in the feeling of a rich and potent energetic alignment. Wow." - Katrina Elkins, author, Tacoma, WA


In this powerful work you step into your greater well-being, purpose, and excitement to be fully alive on a whole new level.

You will go beyond just an idea/theory of it. You will actually FEELING it and living it as your most direct experience.

You start moving through your life in a new way, making choices and decisions that are in alignment with your higher guidance and higher purpose for living, and you will:

- Step out of the old fears and insecurities that are in the way of you claiming what you really desire in life - and knowing that you absolutely CAN have it.

- Find deep meaning and align with your greater purpose in a way that generates great satisfaction and great prosperity.

- Create a new life where there is lots of time for you to enjoy what you love the most (rewire the subconscious patterns that have kept you in struggle)

- Experience deep peace (and be able to maintain it even in the midst of chaos of life). 

- Claim back the power of your inner guidance (i.e. intuition) and let it show you the way to the very best situations and opportunities.

- Teach your body and and nervous system to access serenity and bliss (without needing sugar, alcohol, drugs or any unhealthy substances to access it).

The words fall short when it comes to describing what takes place in a Breath of Love process. And, in a way it makes sense because the intent of this powerful shamanic journey is to go beyond words. You will go beyond your familiar sense of self, step out of a limited understanding of life and open to seeing the possibilities and opportunities like never before. 

"I knew during and after the sessions that everything had changed for me. I went to a place of Peace, Safety and Clarity that I had never before experienced in this life.  Thank you for helping me to access this, Julia. I will share this with the World." ​
- Al Marcelline, Director of Santa Barbara Wellness Directory

Breath of Love is a journey into the timeless, a portal into altered states of consciousness. It is a journey beyond space and time where you claim back the potency of your inner knowing and step into the power of your most sacred purpose in life.​

“Growing up, I was always told to work hard, suck it up and be a strong man to achieve my dreams. After my Vision Quest with Julia Mikk, I can confirm that this is not the case at all. I was able to reconnect to the person I actually am and the infinite strength that comes with that clarity.

I started a new relationship with myself out of unconditional love and flowing ease, and I was able to manifest my dream job, dramatically increase my income, eliminate stress and anxiety, and create a deeper relationship with my family and friends - all with no effort.


The clarity also provided space for my creative mind to come up with novel solutions to complex problems and obstacles. My gratitude knows no bounds. The clarity, ease of life, and abundance that came to me is a treasure with no price tag. If I could do it over again, I’d do it a thousand times.”
- Stephen, Corporate Finance Account Manager, Greenwood Village, CO