Peace Within and Without talk

Enjoy this special meditation. It will help you deepen your presence of peace and clarity. Listen to it every day, or once a week, and let it serve as a powerful reminder for how much is possible when you stop, listen, and tune in.
I recommend listening to this meditation 7 days in a row.




Deeper Into Self-Love talk

Do you understand the importance of  your self-love? Are you aware how it affects everything you are able to create in yoru life? Do you know that it is the very foundation of how much you are capable of receiving everything you want?




Self-Love meditation

Give yourself 30 minutes of ease, nourishment and love. Just 30 minutes of no striving, trying to get somewhere, accomplishing something or being on top of things! 
I recommend listening to this meditation 7 days in a row. See, what becomes possible when you do! New layers will reveal themselves. New insights will come along. It's a layer by layer process that will be unfolding in you.



Peace Within and Without meditation
Here it is time to practice what you learned in
the previous Peace Within and Without talk. Enjoy! Your commitment to yourself allows the most amazing possibilities to reveal themselves.