Thank you for your payment.


We are glad you will be joining us on June 27-29th!

Please make sure that the paypal address you used for making the payment is your regular address, and you can receive all event related communications, and updates there.
If you'd like to use a different address please email, and let us know where to send the emails. Thank you.



  • Registration for the workshop opens at 6:30pm. Feel free to arrive early to enjoy the land and soak in the hot springs.

  • The workshop begins at 7:30pm. Please arrive early enough to have time to register, settle and relax before we begin.

  • There is no dinner organized for you at Ecotopia on Friday so please make sure to have a nourishing meal BEFORE you arrive. We highly recommend to eat at Farmer and the Cook that night. They are healthy, organic and delicious, and close to the workshop location. They open for dinner at 5:30pm (make a reservation before hand). Or, get something for yourself to go, and have a picnic outside as you are settling into our nature experience.




Make your accommodation arrangements at Ecotopia

(The picture on the right shows a glamping tent option)

Please note that June can get very hot in Ojai. If you would
like to have AC in your room, staying overnight at Ecotopia
might not be the best idea. Even though their
accommodations are very cozy, and enhance your
connection to nature, they do not have cooling units in them.

For alternative accommodation options check:




  • Sun hat and bug repellant (just in case).

  • A thick blanket to lay on, and a pillow. If you are flying in from a far and bringing the blankets is not convenient, let us know, and we will get them for you.

  • A journal. Many people enjoy writing down what they found out during the sessions.

  • A water bottle - drink a lot of water during our time together.

  • Comfortable yoga like clothing.

  • Lots of time and space for AFTER the event. Go be in nature, meditate, journal, have a picnic.
    Let yourself enjoy this new state of being. Give it time to sync in.


  • First of all, please know that your journey begins as soon as you commit to coming to the event and make the payment. It begins with the moment you says YES to doing this work. Old feelings, emotions, triggers and energies may start coming up during the days leading to your Breath of Love journey. It is great if they do! Welcome it all. It is simply deep opening and unwinding beginning to take place. And it's not necessarily that uncomfortable expderiences start bubbling up... it might be also pure bliss. What ever it is, know it's a part of the process, and allow it to happen.

  • Have much rest at least one day before and one day of the session. The more rested you are the better. 

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and any caffeinated other drinks at least one day prior, the day of the session and the day after.  This includes also black tea, green tea and mate. It is best to skip refined sugar too. Most ideal is to plan to have three days of no caffeine before the event. See what you can do according to your schedule and life style.

  • No marijuana (or any recreational drugs) three days prior!

  • If you are using anti-depressants please let us know in advance. Email

  • If it's your first time to Breath of Love, please watch this 20 minute video before coming:




  • Plan nothing busy or stressful for Sunday evening after the event. If you have to fly back home make travel arrangements that are as relaxed as possible. No red eye flights or rushing back in a stressful way. Most ideally, we recommend to stay in Ojai for the night, take it easy, and return home on Monday.

  • Keep the day after the workshop (Monday) as spacious as possible.
    It simply helps the benefits of the work keep syncing in deeper.

  • Drink lots of water. Even though you will be focusing mostly on the emotional and spiritual healing aspects of this work, it is also a very detoxifying process for your physical body. So, you want to drink a lot of water right after, AND the next day, especially first thing next morning!

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and any other stimulating drinks the day after the session. 
    This includes also black tea, green tea and mate. It is best to skip refined sugar too.

  • No marijuana (or any recreational drugs) three days after.

    We look forward to journeying with you into the depths of our Soul and Freedom.
    It is going to be an incredible experience!

    If you have been thinking of inviting a friend to join you for this workshop, we highly recommend
    to let them know right away. Since it is a small group event it is going to sell out fast.

    Breath of Love