Everyday Excellence
A 12-week online masterclass to take your life, art and work to the next level

A rare opportunity to learn from two world-renowned breathworkers, healers and teachers,
Dan Brulé and Julia Mikk.

Learn specific breathing exercises, powerful tools & effective skills to:

  • Break out of mediocrity.

  • Step out of default habitual states of anxiety and limitation.

  • Overcome your family, religious and cultural programming.

  • Show up in a bigger way in your career and performance.

  • Access undiscovered creative abilities that have been dormant.

  • Tap into the potential for higher consciousness that until now only great yogis have known.

  • Find out why you are here! What is your life really about?

“Breath is the ultimate key to your well-being, and if done right, it has the power to transform your entire life—physical, mental, and spiritual… and Dan Brulé is the master to show you how… I love his coaching and it’s made a huge impact in my life.”
— Tony Robbins, best-selling author and life coach.

You will participate in 6 modules:
(each module consists of two Zoom video training recordings, 90mins each)

1. The power of your breath 

  • Make a difference in your physical health without drugs.

  • Let the natural power of the breath lead you toward optimal health.

2. How to manage your emotional and psychological state

  • Move out of mental chatter, fear, anxiety, depression and confusion.

  • Step into clarity, passion, and gratitude.

  • Embody empathy, compassion, and inner peace.

3. Next level of your business success

  • Discover how to manage your mind and energy to gain an advantage over your competitors.

  • Let go of the insidious habit of procrastination.

  • Find greater confidence and grounded presence to speak powerfully in front of a group of people.  

  • Develop the power and presence to inspire your colleagues, partners and clients to achieve the greatest results possible.

4. Healing the healer, helping the helper. Whether you're a mother, a coach, a therapist, a CEO or in service in some other way it's important to know how not to burn yourself out.

  • Learn to show up 100% without getting drained or exhausted.

  • Find out how to clear yourself of other people’s negative energy.

  • Become more present, patient and compassionate with those you are helping.

5. Tap into your clear inner guidance

  • Know the best next steps to take in your business or with your family.

  • Learn to hear the voice of your inner guidance and follow it courageously.

  • Don’t let the old habit of self-doubt stand in the way any longer.

  • Tap into the greater wisdom that knows the best outcome in every situation.

6. Awaken creative energies to fulfill your Soul Purpose

  • Start thinking outside the box. 

  • Get clear on your bigger purpose in life.

  • Don’t let distractions and old fears stand in the way of fully living your life’s mission.

  • Become a conscious creator of your reality.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from Dan Brulé and Julia Mikk LIVE in such an intimate setting. On each weekly call there will be time for you to ask questions, bring up your most urgent challenges and receive personal coaching!

Plus, receive 4 bonus interviews with renowned leaders of the worldwide breathwork movement.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from people whom you never get to see or hear (unless you want to pay $9,000 to go to some of their seminars)!

Physiology of breathing: Special interview with Dr. Peter Litchfield, president of School of Applied Breathing Sciences.

Breathwork for emotional balance: Special interview with Jim Morningstar Ph.D., author of Breathing in Light and Love, and Breakthrough with Breathwork.

Breathwork for peak performance: Special interview with extreme athlete Stig Severinsen, world record in breath holding.

Breathwork for clear intuition and unlimited creativity: Special interview with Binnie Dansby, creator of Source Process.

"Julia helped me tremendously with a misalignment in my body since I was pregnant. It was a deep and profound healing and I have such extraordinary gratitude for the pain that has left! It is a life changer for me. I have been to many doctors and done every type of herbal treatment, and nothing else helped. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Julia. I am basking in the feeling of a rich and potent energetic alignment. Wow."

- Katrina Elkins, author, Tacoma, WA

"Julia Mikk’s course has helped me find an inner peace I hadn't yet experienced in my life…  I had many questions as to how to handle certain relationships that had been causing me stress. 
With every new module and meditation I received each week, the answers I had been looking for started to surface. I feel like I am finally experiencing this clarity that I have been searching for.  

My relationships with my spouse, children, and friends have improved tremendously as I continue to give myself the love I need rather than expecting and waiting for others to give it to me. "

- Jamie Z., Teacher, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I feel good in my body, and rejoicing for the energy that has been liberated from fears and worries, and excited for what it allows to accomplish. I am grateful for the peace that lives inside, for the gentleness that is flourishing again, and for the strength offered. It is as if I have found myself again, the one I love, the one with an open heart.​

​I have never made a better investment in my life weather in time or money.

​This regular contact with Julia offers the best service to establish a regular practice, a sustained quality of presence and the manifestation of your dreams."

- Cecile Arnaud, Mosaic artist/ Consultant and designer for mosaic projects, New York. 

The investment in your life of excellence. Normally $797.


A special offer right now:

$497 if paid in full
$267 in 2 payments

With questions and to sign up for this course email support@breathoflove.org

Your Every Day Excellence Course facilitators:

Dan Brulé is a world-renown pioneer in the field of Breathwork, and leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing movement. He is a master of Prana Yoga (the Hindu Science of Breath), and of Chi Kung/Qigong (Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises). More than 100,000 people in over 50 countries now apply Dan’s breathing exercises and techniques in their work and in their lives. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists, leading psychotherapists and medical experts; monks, meditators, hospice workers and yoga teachers, performing artists, personal trainers, health practitioners, life coaches, business executives, and peak performers like Tony Robbins.

Learn more about him at www.breathmastery.com/meet-dan/.

Julia Mikk is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 14 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide, and now she is certifying her own Breath of Love practitioners to spread the word about the power of this miraculous work. Julia brought Breath of Love to life thanks to many powerful awakenings she had with her spiritual teachers. Some of the most important ones being Gangaji, Adyashanti, Leonard Orr, Binnie A. Dansby, Ray Castellino and a Peruvian shamanic lineage. Yet, many of the greatest lessons and awakenings came thanks to her own personal journey. Learn more about her at www.breathoflove.org/julia.