Live Your Deepest Calling
with Julia Mikk June 27-29th in Ojai, CA
and special guest Michael Brian Baker!

Calling in Conscious Men and Divine Women!
(yes YOU and the Divine Spark within you!)


Join us for your heart's deepest fulfillment, a truly
with Julia Mikk, internationally renowned teacher and healer:

Find out what it feels like to have profound
clarity and pure love permeate your whole body and mind.


Experience an incredible liberation from self-doubt,
worry and fear!

Clarify your alignment with your Soul and life purpose.

Let go of the old subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back
from the best things in life!


Reconnect with the power of your intuition and embody courage to follow it. Learn to allow this Sacred Intelligence guide  you to your highest good in your relationships, carrier and service to the world.


See a fresh vision for your life. Connect with your Soul and realize the amazing ease and grace that is available for you. Not only as a present moment experience but also as a clear guidance for the best steps to take next.


Open to being in relationships in a new way - stay rooted in your connection to your authentic and empowered Self. Heal the places where you compromise your truth and well-being just to please others!


Be nourished and nurtured from within. Let go of stress, and feel
profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated.


”The session with Julia  blasted through my  confusion, in an instant all of the questions that were bothering me were answered and I felt at one with my innate intelligence and Universal Wisdom and  Love."
- Vincent Ruffino, New Orleans, health specialist & biofeedback technician.


Julia Mikk

Julia Mikk with her signature offering of Breath of Love has offered miraculous results worldwide. People have healed chronic pains that doctors could not help them with, and emotional pains that their previous therapists could not get deep enough to release. Many have said that the realization of their oneness, divinity and freedom was something that no other meditation or spiritual practice had yielded before. Come and experience it for yourself!


Immerse yourself in this high vibrational energy field, and allow it permeate your psyche, nervous system and ability to open your heart. You'll come out of the weekend with a deep sense of embodied grace and a powerful opening to your new amazing life.

Julia embodies a sacred and powerful aspect of the Divine Mother to help people remember their true nature, life purpose and incredible capacity for joy and abundance.  Reserve your spot today and join amazing men and women on an intimate and personal journey to greater love, joy, freedom and fulfillment in their lives.

If you are one of the thousands who has experienced Breath of Love with Julia, then you know this is a special small group event at a special price.


Julia Mikk

  • After Breath of Love sessions with Julia I experienced a whole new level of love, harmony and passion in my intimate relationships.

  • I now feel totally comfortable in my own skin, and love myself exactly as I am, with no self-doubt, judgment or blame.

  • I opened up to having a flow of effortless abundance while doing what I love.

  • I got clear on my soul purpose and now have courage to step into actualizing it.

  • Now I know what it feels like to experience oneness with the divine.

  • I claimed back the power of my intuition, and now am clearly guided by it in my every day choices and decisions. Makes my whole life so much easier!

  • I now experience my life as a flow of great joy, ease and clarity. Thank you!

If you'd like any of that, join us June 27-29th
in the gorgeous mountains of Ojai, CA!


This is a special opportunity to go deep in a very small group setting! Julia doesn't offer workshops like this often.  Going deep in a group of up to 15 people is as close to doing private sessions as you can get, at a very affordable price!




June 27-29th 2014 in Ojai, CA
In the beautiful and tranquil setting of Villa Ojai retreat center.

Fri 6:30pm till Sunday 5pm.

The details of the venue and logistics will be sent upon the registration. Email with any questions.

Mornings are left open for soaking in the hot tub, yoga, and hiking.




$577 extended to June 12th
$677 after June 12th


A small number of partial scholarships available at $377. Apply via email at by May 31st.

(above prices do not include room and board)

When you register, we will send you a link to make a payment for your room and board separately.  There are different accommodation options available at the beautoful Villa Ojai retreat center ranging $105-$245 per night. Make sure to register right away to get the choice of the room you prefer! Especially if you like privacy. The availability of private rooms is limited.


There is a beautiful pool and hot tub on the premises, treated only with saline and UV light, so bring your favorite swimsuit!

Your room and board payment will include vegetarian meals through out the weekend. We have designed a delicious and super healthy  (all organic) menu for you. We will make sure that you not only are nourished emotionally and spiritually but also that your physical body is nourished in a healthy and cleansing way.












Please remember, it's a small group immersion and spaces are limited! We recommend to reserve
your spot right away to make sure you get in!


Option #1:
One time payment
of $677


Option #2:
3 month payment plan
$242 per month

(payments include
$16 processing fee)


A small number

of partial scholarships available at $377

Apply via email at


Many Julia's clients have said that Breath of Love work in a in-depth weekend immersion is like going through months (some have said YEARS) of psychotherapy and healing work. That's how deep and liberating is the relief they feel after the workshop!

Imagine how much time and money you can save by choosing a route that is much more direct (and much more pleasurable, we must add)!

"I knew during and after the sessions that everything had changed for me.
I went to a place of Peace, Safety and Clarity that I had never before experienced in this life. It became very evident that Everything is Perfect. Thank you for helping me to access this, Julia. I will share this with the World." ​

- Al Marcelline, Director of Santa Barbara Wellness Directory

After working with Julia I was free of pain completely. I felt alive and powerful and wanted to roar like a lion. I felt as though I had been freed from the prison of my body's pain and my body was a safe haven. Now I am home."
- Troy, hypnotherapist and bodyworker, Los Angeles, CA.



EXCEPTIONAL VALUE GUARANTEE so you are completely safe to move forward, dive in, and make sure this workshop is exactly what you need in your life. If after the workshop you don't feel this was absolutely amazing, deeply healing and clearly empowering for you, you have 4 days to ask for your money back (room and board is not refundable). Even though nobody has ever left unfulfilled or asked for a refund we want YOU to rest safe and secure that if you want to do it, its totally OK.

Especially if this is your very first time to Breath of Love, you might feel a clear YES in your heart but your mind might be coming up with all kinds of excuses and money fears. It's understandable. You haven't had a chance to experience the true value and power of this amazing work for yourself yet! This is why we are making this decision easy for you by offering the Exceptional Value Guarantee. This way your mind can rest at ease, and you can follow your Soul's guidance without distraction.