Have you read great self-help books, experienced powerful heart-opening workshops, had profound spiritual glimpses of Spirit, Love or Oneness...

you feel there is still something missing? Is it causing you to feel inner conflict and tension, holding you back from your true potential?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

My name is Julia Mikk, and I am an internationally renowned teacher and healer. During the last 12 years I have been sharing my work with thousands of people all over the world, and it is my joy to bring a powerful glimpse of it to you now through these special meditations.

You have an important gift. Your Soul has come to our planet with a special message and a powerful essense. How fully are you letting it flow through your life and your business right now?

Or, are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed?

  • Let go of overwhelm and confusion.

  • Open to a whole new level of self-love.

  • Access deep inner peace.

  • Receive Soul Guidance for living your bigger purpose!​

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“Julia masterfully guides your awareness with exquisite guided meditations towards a deep connection to source energy. It continues to bring so much inner peace and ease to my being. You will be taken to the place where all of your answers and clarity will emerge!” 


I have never felt anything like Julia's work. It's extraordinary how simple it really is to make lasting change in your life."

- Laurie G., polarity therapist, Sedona, AZ.


“Thank you for this truly beautiful gift of yours: 'Self-Love Healing Meditation'. I have listened to it for the fourth time and each time it grows more beautiful.”

- Henrietta, retired doctor, Bangladore, India


"I have experienced a profound healing through listening to Julia’s Self Love meditation. In a few days of listening to this meditation the pain I have had for the past six years was completely gone. Thank you Julia, a thousand times, thank you!"

- Mariko Brenner, Embodiment and Self Empowerment Life Coach, Detroit, MI

"I needed to get a break from my work, which is a lot, and walk... As you started in your meditation, and guided my walk I could feel my toes. My ankles. My knees. I could feel my core centering and calming. Wow.


Your understanding of the spiritual and the way we flow and move is genius. Oh, what a gift... I felt this calming energy come over me. This is very difficult due to my mind always being on fire... You helped me better love myself."

- Rick Ellsmore, Westminster, CO

When you know how to access inner peace you can stay clear (and avoid getting overwhelmed) in the process of stepping into your bigger purpose. That's where fear, ego and old limiting beliefs can't stand in the way. What could be more important than that?

When you know your worth you feel confident, radiant and comfortable in your own skin. That's when taking clear courageous action and following your bigger purpose becomes easy.


You don't waste any time on doubting yourself and can move forward towards abundance with ease.

If you don't have these components in place, you only end up getting overwhelmed in the rat race mentality, trying to prove your worth, doing way too much, and sacrificing your health and well-being in the process.

You don't want that, do you?


This is where I come in. Sign up for the FREE meditations above and start claiming your inner peace and knowing your worth right away.