Breath of Love Gift
Self-Love healing session/meditation

Give yourself this 30 minute Self-Love meditation for letting go of any anxiety, worry and self-judgment. Open to nourishment, self-love and ease.  Self-Love equals Empowerment.

Just 30 minutes of no striving, trying to get somewhere, accomplishing something or being on top of things! It is so exhausting. And, I'll tell you a secret - it is NOT even the most productive thing you can do!

Here is something that will add to your productivity and success much more than continous striving! It is called your vibrational alignment.

Are you aware of how much your success, clarity and vitality depend on it? The way you attend to yourself, and how you feel about yourself is the foundation for everything in your life!

This is why I recommend listening to this meditation 7 days in a row. See, what becomes possible when you do! New layers will reveal themselves. New insights will come along. It's a layer by layer process that will be unfolding in you.

That's when new possibilities come knocking on your door, and the old guilt, insecurities and worries stop holding you back!

This is an excerpt from the Sacred Self-Mastery Course, a 10 week journey into a life of greater satisfaction. If you are interested in expanding into a whole new level of inner peace, clarity and Soul's guidance, click here to learn about it now.