Breath of Love Gift #2:
Peace Within and Without

Enjoy this special meditation and explore for yourself what it means to be at Peace. Let it serve as a powerful reminder for how much is possible when you slow down, listen, and tune in. 


The next week's gift, 'Deeper into Inner Peace' is a talk by Julia which will help you understand the power and importance of this meditation even more. You will be extra inspired to re-listen to this meditation a few more times (if not more) so it can sync in deeper and deeper, opening up new pathways in your energy system and healing old worries and anxieties that are ready to totally let go from your life. 

Stay tuned! It will be in your inbox in a week!


This is an excerpt from the Sacred Self-Mastery course, a 10 week journey into a life of greater satisfaction. If you are interested in going much deeper and expanding into a whole new level of inner peace, clarity and Soul's guidance in your life, click here now.