Integration After Your Breath of Love Workshop


It is best to plan nothing busy or stressful for the day after the workshop. Keep it as spacious as possible. It helps the benefits of the work sync deeper.  
Drink a lot of high quality water (choose alkaline or spring water, not tap water). Even though we worked mostly on emotional and energetic levels in Breath of Love, the oxygenation created a detox process in your body. It's a great additional benefit! It just requires you to drink a lot of water to allow the detox be as efficient and enjoyable as possible. 
Minimize your intake of caffeine and other stimulating drinks for several days after the workshop. This includes also black tea, green tea and mate.  
Be gentle with yourself. Relax more, do less. 
Avoid alcohol for at least 3 days after the workshop. 
No marijuana (or any recreational or ceremonial drugs) at least 3 days after.  
Journal. It often brings great clarity when you write about your new insights and inner experiences. It can also reconnect you to the healing energy that was available in your Breath of Love experience. The more you put your attention on that feeling, the more it gets to live and breathe through you fully. 
Allow the deep inner process keep re-organizing you. There is a lot of healing energy moving through. 
Enjoy it. Allow your analytical mind surrender. It is the pure intelligence of your Soul that is guiding the way here. Let it keep flowing and transforming you. It will allow a whole new level of harmony, health, and abundance to come into your life (if you let it). 


Listen to your inner knowing. The new alignment you are experiencing within yourself after this workshop is the place where you are most in touch with your inner guidance (intuition). Most likely much more than ever before. If you get any insights, desires, or callings about your next steps in life, I highly recommend to listen to them.  
If something feels inspiring, it's because it's your Soul asking you to move in that direction. If something does NOT feel right, it's because your inner knowing says to move away from it. It doesn't even have to be logical. The Intelligence of your Higher Self knows exactly what is in your highest good. You can trust it. 
I am here to support you. The days after a powerful Breath of Love experience can be powerful, blissful, tender, emotional, serene, weird or anything in between. I am here to assist you in trusting the process and keep embodying the healing energies that want to flow through you. Feel free to email me with questions  
With love and gratitude,


Julia Mikk

Founder of Breath of Love