Breath of Love Mastery Course with Julia Mikk


This is a rare opportunity to work with the world renowned breath master and spiritual teacher, Julia Mikk, in an in-depth one-on-one setting during a 5 month period!

Liberate yourself from struggle and worry, find clarity of soul purpose and expand into more ease in your life. Most importantly, cultivate self-mastery to do this widely renowned shamanic Breath of Love work completely on your own independently at home!

Pre-requisite: at least one Breath of Love session with Julia in-person or on the phone.

Availability is limited. First come, first serve. 
Email to apply


    This course is for you if:


  • You have had a spiritual practice or done inner healing work, and now you are ready to take your embodiment of Freedom and Fulfillment to a whole new level, transmuting any remaining self-doubt, fear and insecurity into self-love, clarity and confidence.

  • You are ready to move from old habitual tendencies of struggle into a flow of ease and effortless abundance.

  • You know that you are much more than a body, mind and emotions. You know you are the Field of Oneness. You might have even had some amazing glimpses of it. And, now you have a longing to experience that profound Field of Grace more often, creating an ability to live in its fulfillment no matter what is happening around you.

  • You know that liberation from the past burdens, habits, addictions and insecurities does not have to be a hard and long journey. You can let go of the past rather quickily and easily if you know HOW. Here you can learn the tools and skills to allow yourself and others to heal and let go with Ease, Joy and Grace.

  • You know there is an Intuition or Spirit or Inner Guidance desiring to lead your way to your highest good and showing the way to the best choices, situations, opportunities and relationships in your life, yet sometimes you have hard time 'hearing' it, or following its guidance. Now you are ready to strengthen your connection to this Source of Inner Wisdom, and learn to trust and follow it no matter what.

  • You are ready to become a gatekeeper between the old paradigm and the new one. You know it's time for you to help yourself to step through that Gate into a whole new frequency, and into a whole new reality of the Heart, Grace, Clarity and Harmony.

  • You are ready to invest time, energy and money to go through the powerful months of the Breath of Love  Course, and have a deep Personal Initiation Journey that will shift your whole new life into a whole new direction of your Soul Purpose.

  • Learn to take yourself through the powerfully liberating Breath of Love sessions independently at home. Access the deep healing, new clarity and empowering vitality on a regular basis.
















 Course Curriculum Structure


1) 2 in-person Vision Quests in Ojai, CA -  4 PRIVATE SESSIONS EACH. That's where the main potency of this course lies - receiving a total of 8 private sessions with Julia. You will be deeply changed and powerfully awakened to your Soul's Gift and Purpose through these private sessions with Julia.

A total of 8 private sessions are awaiting you. You will travel to Ojai, CA to do Breath of Love sessions with Julia in-person (2 trips). These powerful intensives are called Vision Quests. One Vision Quest consists of receiving in-person sessions 4 days in a row. If you can’t travel at this time, one or both Vision Quests can be converted to phone sessions. You'll talk to Julia to decide what is best for you.

2) 12 phone sessions to help you start cultivating your own independent practice and learn to do this deep healing empowerment work on your own. Receive clear guidance on a daily basis. And catch any possible anxieties, worries and fears before they blow up into big challenges and conflicts in your life.

3) Sacred Self-Mastery Online Course to support your own independent practice at home. You will be able to download all the meditations and audio lectures and benefit from them for many years to come!
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Breath of Love Mastery Course is a 5 month program where you have a special opportunity to
work with Julia Mikk in-person and on the phone

It comes with a bonus of a comprehensive online course to support your independent practice
at home. All the meditations and audio lectures
are downloadable so you can benefit from them
for many years to come!
Since it's your own private journey with Julia you
have the freedom to choose your own dates
according to your schedule and availability.

How to apply

This course is by application only. Email to apply, or to ask about the more detailed curriculum. You will be sent a questionnaire and invitation to meet Julia on a 20min phone interview. That's where she can learn about you and see if you are a great match for the Breath of Love Mastery Course. You'll also be able to ask any questions you have about the curriculum.

When Julia talks to you, her main question is if this Course is what your Soul is asking for. It is not a small decision. This course a life-changing step and will take your whole life in a new profound direction of harmony, effortless abundance and living your Soul Purpose. It is about allowing 360 degrees of abundance into your life.

There is no other way. In Breath of Love ALL of you is included in the expanding, opening and blossoming. It is about becoming whole again, and not abandoning certain areas of your life just so you could be happy in others. How can you be happy and deeply fulfilled in all areas of your life in a balanced way? That’s the question.

And, that’s what Julia can masterfully offer you.