Welcome to Breath of Love
Tap into your Soul's Vibration, and let your Soul's clarity, vision, and right action 
come to your effortlessly. That's where your True Abundance happens.


Healing Sessions and Meditations
with Julia Mikk



Give yourself this 30 minute Self-Love meditation for letting go of any anxiety, worry and self-judgment. Open to nourishment, self-love and ease.  Self-Love equals Empowerment.

Just 30 minutes of no striving, trying to get somewhere, accomplishing something or being on top of things! It is so exhausting. And, I'll tell you a secret - it is NOT even the most productive thing you can do!

Here is something that will add to your productivity and success much more than continous striving! It is called your vibrational alignment.

Are you aware of how much your success, clarity and vitality depend on it? The way you attend to yourself, and how you feel about yourself is the foundation for everything in your life!

This is why I recommend listening to this meditation 7 days in a row. See, what becomes possible when you do! New layers will reveal themselves. New insights will come along. It's a layer by layer process that will be unfolding in you.

That's when new possibilities come knocking on your door, and the old guilt, insecurities and worries stop holding you back!


Self-Love meditation (30min)

This Julia's recorded healing session is one of the most popular ones. Many people have taken it into their regular meditation practice and reported powerful benefits and deep openings. Enjoy!


Deeper Into Self-Love
audio lecture (17min)

There is a great power in learning to receive your own unconditionally loving attention. That's when you start creating a new belief system and powerful availability to receive new resources, opportunities and abundance into your life. 



Peace Within and Without meditation (30min)
How would it be to learn to experience deep inner peace regardless of circumstance? To be able to tap into a reservour of peaceful well-being even in  challenging situations. Here is an introductory meditation just for that.
To go deeper click here.

Julia Mikk​​​​​​​​​​, born in Estonia and now living in Colorado, U.S., is an internationally renowned healer, teacher and spiritual guide.​​​​​​​​​​ She is the founder of the Breath of Love movement, with certified Breath of Love Practitioners worldwide. ​

The experience of Julia's work instantly changes people's lives. Her clients travel to her from all over the world to experience the shamanic Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody the courage to live their soul's (true) purpose.

Julia brought Breath of Love to life after many powerful awakenings she had with her spiritual teachers. Yet, many of the greatest lessons and openings came through her own personal journey, a journey which was often very difficult. She had the opportunity to move through times of deep depression and dark nights of the soul, as well as healing from anorexia and bulimia. Through those intense experiences she learned more than ever about the power of self-love, oneness and the true meaning of healing.​


Many people have said that Breath of Love is like no other healing work out there. Julia's workshops and private sessions are very powerful, incredibly efficient and surprisingly quick in their ability to break through stagnant patterns. Side by side with her spirit guides she helps people experience a powerful liberation from past karmic knots, clearing out old patterns that are manifesting as lack, worry, fear or poor health.

For more info go to www.BreathofLove.org.