​Breath of Love process is for you if you are a successful entrepreneur, conscious corporate executive or a heart-centered visionary with a big dream and important mission in life...
a person who is ready to stop ‘trying’ and working yourself to exhaustion to make things happen.

Are you ready to find an easier way to live and know that there must be a much more direct way to success?

Are you ready to find out how to stop feeling stuck in an unnecessary struggle, overwhelm, exhaustion or confusion?

If yes, you came to the right place.

Breath of Love work

In the beginning stages of the work Julia takes you through several Breath of Love processes with the help of a specific breathing technique as well as gentle healing touch and her psychic seeing, making it possible for your subconscious to let go of the old limiting patterns.

When you receive more than 7-10 sessions you start unleveling to the more advanced levels of the work. You go beyond breathwork and learn to access your deepest state of well-being, clarity and expansive power naturally, without doing anything specific with your breath.

The connection to who you really are as Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence and Higher Knowing are already available right here, right now. Ultimately you don't need to do anything specific with your breath to access them. Breath only helps in the beginning stages of the work when the mind is very busy or intuitive awareness hasn't fully developed yet.

After 7-10 sessions the journey becomes about learning to embody your connection to your greater power, purpose and prosperity on an every day basis, letting it become a natural and effortless part of your reality. ​

You'll cultivate a potent capacity to get out of your own way (let go of your mind chatter, past habits, fears, and unhealthy behavioral patterns) and experience your true nature as wholeness, empowered clarity and unbounded freedom.

This new found presence won't be only deeply healing, but it will offer you a great depth of wisdom and guidance, helping you make the best possible decisions, leading you to the fulfillment of your dreams. 

Many people call it intuition, psychic knowing or inner guidance. Regardless of what it's called it's a potent essence of your being and it knows exactly the best, most easy, and most abundant shortcuts to what you desire in life. It's just the matter of learning to tune in and listen.


Would you like that?

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