Vision Quest
Your private in-person immersion


A special opportunity to elevate yourself to a whole new level of
clarity, inner peace and purpose ONE-on-ONE with Julia Mikk
in the majestic valley of Boulder, CO. 


Let go ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  of doubt and insecurity that are standing in the way to living your purpose and actualizing your dream. Embody courage and freedom to live your Life Purpose fully.

  Access   the Zero Point i.e. the field of infinite potential where your new expanded visions and possibilities reveal themselves effortlessly. This field of infinite potential is the genius field where the greatest artists and scientists have received their information from. Now, you can too.  

  Expand   your ability to access and follow your intuition, the place of infinite Intelligence that knows exactly what is in your highest good in every moment. Learn to let it effortlessly lead you from one synchronicity to the next, from one abundant opportunity to another.

  Heal   the old unresolved pain, and bring new depths of harmonyand love to your relationships. Let them become a great support and inspiration for you living your purpose.

  Put your frequency first. Start allowing your heart desires come to you effortlessly. Let go of the habit to struggle or work so hard!

Deepen your capacity to live in overflowing joy and ease (regardless of circumstance). Open to bliss and love for yourself and all life.

"I knew during and after the sessions that everything had changed for me. I went to a place of Peace, Safety and Clarity that I had never before experienced in this life. It became very evident that Everything is Perfect. Thank You for helping me to access this, Julia."
- Al Marcelline, Director of Santa Barbara Wellness Directory

During this 4 day private retreat you will experience:

- 4 Breath of Love private sessions (2 hrs each) – going deeper layer by layer - creating a new trajectory with new opportunities and amazing possibilities for your reality. Absolutely life-changing.

- 2 phone sessions (90min each). First call before your vision quest, the second one for after - when you are back home. It offers an important anchoring of the work into your everyday reality. So, you can continue embodying and living all that you realized in your vision quest.

In between your Breath of Love sessions you can:

- Dance and/or do yoga to assist your integration process.
- Do some fun assignments to help the work sink in deeper.
- Meditate and hike in the gorgeous Boulder Valley on your own.
- Pamper yourself with a massage.
- Discover yourself with new eyes.

Many ancient cultures utilized their Vision Quests as a time off their busy lives, commune with nature, get out of their mind chatter, and gain great clarity. New expanded visions and possibilities became available when they let go of the worrying mind, and softened into the depths of inner stillness where the connection with Soul's guidance is clear and bright. You will be encouraged to do the same. You will dive into this powerful field of clarity and freedom in your Breath of Love sessions with Julia, and then learn to sustain it as you spend time in nature.





Your investment in yourself

Current Vision Quest discount:

4 days with 4 private in-person sessions + 2 phone sessions: $1,900
(if you paid for the in-person and phone sessions separately it would cost a total of $2,150)

Alternative option:

3 days with 3 private in-person sessions + 1 phone session: $1,270
(if you paid for the in-person and phone sessions separately it would cost a total of $1,470)

* Phone sessions are 90min each.
* In-person sessions are 120min each.

* The prices are subject to change. Make sure to reserve your spot now to take advantage of the current offer.
* Accommodation is not included.
* For credit card payments  add 3% to the charged amount. Or, mail a check. You can also pay via PayPal (friends and family option).
* Payment plans available.


Extra bonuses:

* You may customize the timing of your private Breath of Love sessions according to your availability. For instance, if that fits your schedule better, your four sessions can be split into two weekends.

* Upon the completion of your vision quest you will have an opportunity to continue into 
Breath of Love Certification Course
, and learn to take yourself through these profound life-altering Breath of Love sessions independently at home.

To reserve your spot email
Vision Quests availability is limited. First come, first serve.






Please add 3% if you are using your credit or debit card.
Dates to be scheduled with Julia via email. 
If you must reschedule your Vision Quest, a minimum of 48hr notice is required.

"There have been many questions in my mind about how to accomplish goals of Gods purpose for me and how to get there from here. I had been listening to too many other peoples advice... The breath session with Julia blasted through my confusion, in an Instant all of the questions that were bothering me were answered and I felt at one with my innate intelligence and the Universal Wisdom and Love." 
- Vincent Ruffino, Certified Biofeedback Technician. New Orleans, Louisiana.


"I have been doing yoga for 13 years and am a child of the self-help movement. Yet, even with all that I knew there was still something missing. Julia's breath of love work opened up channels of love in ways I have never felt! If you are wanting to remove the blocks of pain for good then invest in this blissful transformational work."​​​​​​​​​​
-  Hillary Rubin, nationally recognized yoga teacher. Los Angeles.


To reserve your spot email now.
Vision Quests availability is limited. First come, first serve.

If you'd like to talk to Julia and see if this Vision Quest is a good fit for you, email to set up a free 20 min introductory call on the phone.