6 week package 


Let go of worry, struggle, and anxiety. Breakthrough to the next level of your confidence, inner peace and clarity.


6 sessions 6 weeks in a row will allow you to let go of overwhelm that stands in the way to a harmonious and balanced way of living. You will be able to step into a nourished, deeply satisfying life while being in service to others in the greatest way possible.

Julia is masterful at working with your subconscious mind. The blind spots and deeply hidden blocks are what stand in the way to you having the clarity, peace and confidence you have been longing for. With Julia's help you will be able to realize a new level of freedom in your life, and move towards your dreams with much more ease.

Once a week for 6 weeks, 90min sessions on the phone or in-person.
$2,450 if paid in full (save $847)

                              - OR -
$866 per month if you choose a 3 month payment plan (includes administrative fees).


Includes Sacred Self-Mastery Online Course, a comprehensive 10 week online program with pre-recorded audio meditations, lectures and home study guides ($597 value).

Email support@breathoflove.org to apply for this 6 week package.

6 month
VIP package 

'Embodied Clarity'

A powerful transformational journey for those who are fully ready to commit to living their Soul Purpose with ease, inner peace and abundance.


This 6 month deep inner journey offers a deep energetic re-alignment, clear guidance for your life, and invaluable breakthroughs to start living your bigger purpose with ease and clarity.

1) Two sessions per month for 6 months.

It's a total of 12 sessions on the phone or in-person (90min each). $5,400 value.

2) In-person 3 day Vision Quest in Boulder, CO. If you can't travel these sessions can be converted to phone sessions. $1,800 value.

BONUS: Sacred Self-Mastery Course. A powerful in-depth 10 week online course with pre-recorded audio meditations, lectures and home study guides. $597 value.

If you were to invest in everything above separately you'd pay a total of $7,797.

'Embodied Clarity' package discount:
$6,797 if paid in full (save $1000).

                            - OR -
$1,192 per month if you choose 6 month payment plan (includes administrative fees).

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Email support@breathoflove.org to apply for this
6 month package.

Introductory  session discount

If you would like to get to know the power of Julia's work before signing up for one of her packages, you are welcome to receive your first session for a 50% discount.

* This is only for those who have never worked with Julia before.

* Applies to the sessions on the phone, Skype and in-person
(in Boulder, CO).

Sessions (in-person or phone)
$300 for 60min
$450 for 90min

Available in-person:

$600 for 120min

Long distance sessions create a space for Julia to guide you by using her 16 years of experience in psychic, intuitive, counseling and energy work skills. She will help you get out of your worry and anxiety and open to a deep peace and clarity within already in your first session.

Often old memories come up to heal and let go. Unresolved hurt gets a chance to unwind. Self-doubt and fear dissolve fully.


By the end of the session a new capacity for joy and clarity will permeate your whole body and mind. There will be a clear sense of insight about your life and what steps to take next.

Often a whole new level of self-confidence arises, you knowing your value and having courage to move forward with your bigger purpose in life.

Longer sessions allow you to go deeper and receive a more powerful healing. However if you want to keep it short a 60min session offers a tremendous value too.


In-person sessions include gentle hands-on work based on biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, somatic experiencing and counseling. All designed to help you get to the bottom of the beliefs and emotions that stand in the way to your ease, success and abundance in life.

This work changes the way your nervous system functions, and the way your body is able to move into parasympathetic ('you are safe, rest and relax') quickly and easily. 

It creates new neuro-pathways where the new found state of ease, inner peace and clarity can become your every day living and breathing reality.

Email support@breathoflove.org to schedule your session now.

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All payments are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed in writing with Julia. If you must reschedule your session, a minimum of 24hr notice is required.

Please note, prices might change without prior notice. If you would like to make sure you benefit from the current price, schedule your sessions now.