Sacred Self-Mastery Course
with Julia Mikk

10 weeks. 10 modules. Simple and easy.
Just 30-45 minutes every day to a life of greater clarity,
embodied ease, and a powerful healing connection to your Soul


Welcome to the Sacred Self-Mastery Course! It's a joy to have you here!

This is a preparatory page to give you a clear understanding about the course ahead. Please read through it thoroughly before continuing to work with your first Sacred Self-Mastery Course module. You will see the link to the first module materials at the very bottom of this page.


There are 10 modules.
Each module lasts a week.
And, each module consists of 3 pillars:

1) Audio talk inspiration – approx. 20 min. Begin each module with this talk. It initiates you into the topic at hand and prepares you for your next 7 days of meditations. So, plan to have a little extra time on the first day of each module to listen to the talk.

2) Guided meditation – approx. 30min. Meditate and receive the energy transmission once a day.

3) Home Study Guide – approx. 15min. Work with the home study guide at the end of each day.

Every day do your 30min (approx) meditation in the mornings (or, if evenings are better that's OK too), and check in with the home study guide in the evenings (about 15minutes). Then, next week move on to the next module. This is the most ideal way to optimize the benefits of this program. As mentioned above, the only day that takes a little more of your time is the FIRST DAY of each module.

Audio talk inspirations

Audio talks are designed to plant seeds of insight, expand your perception and help you start listening to your inner knowing about the topic at hand. No lecture is meant to say that this is the absolute truth for everyone. Use the audio lectures as bouncing boards. Notice when you feel deep resonance with some insights, and let yourself expand into those new recognitions. When something does not feel right to you, let it simply pass by.


However, there might come moments when something
does not feel right AND  at the same  time it will carry a
lot of intensity and  charge  for you.  You might have an
emotional reaction to that sentence, word or expression. Pay attention to these moments – they often carry the biggest gifts. Meditate with them, let yourself be totally honest about them. When you open to them a little deeper – a whole new possibility might come through!

This journey is meant to expand you beyond what you thought yourself to be, and beyond what you thought was possible. Allow yourself to let go of the familiar, and welcome the new possibilities into your life.

Each audio talk can also be taken as a meditation. I speak slowly to help your nervous system settle and for your body to open to the calm healing energies. So, don’t take these audio talks as mental theoretical knowledge. Really feel it and sense it through your whole body. Relax into it. This whole course is about embodiment. It’s about learning to live and breathe the clarity, ease and deep inner peace that you are longing for.

Guided meditations

These healing meditations are skillfully guided by Julia Mikk to carry important energy transmissions. They will re-align and transfigure you in new ways every day. 

The most ideal time to meditate is in the morning. This helps your whole day have a foundation of clarity, joy and empowered inner guidance. If your schedule does not allow you to meditate every morning feel free to do it before going to bed. For some people night time is more conducive for inner work than morning time. Feel into what is best for you, and then commit to it accordingly.



Audio soundtracks
are masterfully created by Jami Deva.
For more of
his music go to

Does your mind get easily distracted when meditating?

When you first start listening to the audio talks and meditations, you might notice that your mind can get easily distracted. That’s especially likely to happen if you have not had a meditative practice for a while, and your life is very stressful. If that happens, please know that it is totally OK. It’s a completely normal part of the process. You are building a new ‘muscle’. That’s why this course is so perfect for you! Just keep going, and you will notice much more ease, effortless focus and empowered clarity as you continue on with the modules.

Home Study Guides

Home study guides are about 15 minute long  contemplations, and are meant to be worked with in the evenings. You can either print them out (use PDF file), or fill them out on your computer (use WORD DOC). Both, PDF and WORD DOC are exactly the same. Just choose which format you prefer to work with.

I do recommend printing them out so you can fill out the blanks manually. It engages your brain much more when you use the pen and your own handwriting.  I also highly recommend to have an additional journal of your own for this program. So, you can keep making notes when you run out of space in your home study manual. Journal is also a great place to make notes before and after your meditations, and during your day. Enjoy!

Choose additional private sessions!

If during this course you would like to have some additional personal assistance to help you move through any specific emotional, spiritual or relationship blocks that arising for you, feel free to schedule a one-on-one phone session with me.

As a Sacred Self-Mastery Course attendee, you will be given a priority seating and a discount.

It's an important work you will be doing for yourself, your family, your community, and ultimately our planet. I am here to support you along the way in every way I can.

If you run into challenges, obstacles or emotional struggles  you don't have to figure them out alone. Let it be easy and enjoyable! Simply give yourself permission to receive extra support along the way.  

I'm here for you.

Simply email and make a request for a one-on-one session. I work with people from all over the world, offering long-distance energy healing, intuitive reading, and counseling over the phone. You can find more information here:

I am filled with gratitude and much joy to be embarking on this journey with you!

Julia Mikk
Founder of Breath of Love