"I knew during and after the sessions that everything had changed for me. I went to a place of Peace, Safety and Clarity that I had never before experienced in this life. It became very evident that Everything is Perfect. Thank you for helping me to access this, Julia. I will share this with the World."
​- Al Marcelline, Director of Santa Barbara Wellness Directory, Santa Barbara, CA

"Julia brings the most powerful blend of Childlike innocence and intuitive knowing to the Art of Breathwork. She continually inspires me with her natural wisdom, her emotional courage, her free spirit and her amazing ability to hold a space of pure love. She is one of the best Breathworkers I know."
- Dan Brulé, Internationally Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Author and a Pioneer in the Art and Science of Breathwork

"Oh my gosh Julia!! I literally feel like I am in this world for the very first time!! When we got off the phone after our session I was TOUCHING the blankets on my bed and pillows around me, and I was like oh my god I get to FEEL THIS?! And then I went to the bathroom and was like oh my god I get to experience the intelligence of this body DO THIS?! And then I went to let my dogs out of the other room and to touch the different textures of their fur and feel the warmth of their tongue on my cheek and experience their unconditional love and wiggly tails and... WOW!!


Literally it's like oh my gosh I GET to do this?! And hear this!? And taste this?! And smell this?! And feel this?! I get to make choices?! I get to feel feelings and interact with other humans and nature and animals?! Like the entire world has just become a PLAYGROUND!! I'm ecstatic with energy and happiness and complete JOY!! 


I seriously could not be more grateful for you, this work and the way you allow Spirit to flow through you into this world. THANK YOU!!


IT IS TIME TO PLAY LIKE I HAVE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE!!! So much love for you and to you!"

- Jenna Hedstrom, Yoga Teacher, Breath of Love Facilitator, Phoenix, AZ

“Growing up, I was always told to work hard, suck it up and be a strong man to achieve my dreams. After my Vision Quest with Julia Mikk, I can confirm that this is not the case at all. Through allowing, accepting and encouragement I was able to reconnect to the person I actually am and the infinite strength that comes with that clarity. I started a new relationship with myself out of unconditional love and flowing ease. After this experience I was able to manifest my dream job, dramatically increase my income, eliminate stress and anxiety, and create a deeper relationship with my family and friends - all with no effort. The clarity provided space for my creative mind to come up with novel solutions to complex problems and obstacles. My gratitude knows no bounds. The clarity, ease of life, and abundance that came to me is a treasure with no price tag. If I could do it over again, I’d do it a thousand times.”

- Stephen, Corporate Finance Account Manager, Greenwood Village, CO

​"Julia Mikk helped me tremendously with a misalignment in my body I have had for a few years. That is since I was pregnant. I have such extraordinary gratitude for the pain that has left. It is a life changer for me. I have been to many doctors and done every type of herbal treatment. Nothing helped until I found Julia! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Julia. I am basking in the feeling of a rich and potent energetic alignment. Wow." 
- Katrina Elkins, Author, Tacoma, WA

"Julia, Jenna, and Leandra are a strong, loving team who provide the hefty core of what one needs to heal and transform for good, and I would strongly recommend the Personal Mastery course for anyone desiring to receive the skills and loving support to truly heal themselves, and inevitably the world. After participating in the course, for the first time in my adult life, I have been able to release my addictions to cigarettes and marijuana, as well as literally dance for joy without having to be on a substance to enjoy or create the experience. I have discovered new, exhilarating interests and connections that I previously was unaware were there. I was intuitively guided to a new job aligned with my values. Because of pretty extreme layers of trauma going back to early childhood, this process has involved facing and releasing difficult things, and has required fortitude and commitment. But with less time, and much more grace and enjoyment, compared to other methods I had tried, I miraculously have found great confidence in my intuition, experience that co-dependencies don't run my life anymore, and enjoy a fresh embodiment of trust and empowerment in my path. In my search for true healing, other methods did not give me the core of what I needed to establish such a dynamic self-healing path, like these skills experienced in the Personal Mastery course have impressed upon me. I am grateful beyond measure that I took this powerful and beautiful opportunity. 
-Sandra, Loveland, CO

“Suddenly that fear of me not being good enough went away.  I started making more money, and feeling at ease at work... My mindset completely shifted about perceiving my own value! 

Then I started to assess what I needed to do with music, instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. I actually asked my bassist if he would help me which is big because I never used to ask for help! Now I know I deserve it.

One day I was sitting there on the floor painting a dresser and became almost shocked at the way I was able to value myself… it was so different! I could see that my life will evolve very differently when I experience myself as a successful confident worthwhile person. I could see the choices I will make differently. It feels like a huge relief from so many forms of stress that were causing me to feel really constricted and trapped. Thank you for your immense help and brilliant work, Julia!”
-C. F., Singer and Songwriter, NYC, NY

"I feel blessed and forever grateful to have been referred to and guided to have a session with Julia Mikk. Prior to my first session with her, I was experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. I could not recall the last time I slept through an entire night without interruption and would consistently wake up in the night feeling panic run through by body. After my first session with Julia, I had the best night's sleep in over 20 years. The thoughts of fear and panic were replaced with a deep calm and I had the urge to just breathe the disturbing sensations away as they arose. Julia is profoundly present and deeply connected to divine energy, a true master. Her simple technique is highly effective. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to shift my awareness and find peace.”

- Laurie, Polarity Therapist, Sedona, AZ

​"First of all Julia embodies everything I imagine a true healer to be: present, compassionate and incredibly loving. As she floated around the room with all that light around her she was truly an angelic vision. And the breathing technique is simple. The energy got stronger and stronger until I thought I would not be able to accept it, SO much love energy!​

Her sweet voice kept guiding me to accept all that love until I could. I felt safe and restored. I felt belonging. I could barely share my experience with the group as I was in a profound non-verbal state of consciousness. Words would have diffused the experience. What else can I say except everyone should do this at least once in their lives!"
- Deborah Stein, Business Consultant, Dallas, TX

" Julia Mikk is offering a magnificent training she calls "Breath of Love." It's part breathwork, part healing journey, part re-birthing and re-bonding, part core cellular transformation, and part Soul retrieval. She is an awesome journey guide, the real deal, a person who has gone to the depths and can take you there, too."
- Lion Goodman, CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute, Bay Area, CA

"I have done many many types of energy work, healing work and self education, so I was thinking that the session would be nice, but not profound.  I was pleasantly surprised!!! I realized this work really affects the entire matrix of life. We are all like holograms, and when one tiny section of the hologram is opened up to love and breath, the entire hologram is affected. This proof came to me when after the session, my father called me out of the blue to share some very deep and profound feelings that he had been meaning to share with me for a long time regarding a relationship in my life. He used to feel hesitant, thinking he was interfering in my personal life... I feel it was no coincidence, that doing the breath work with Julia affected my fathers emotional state hundreds of miles away, and he was able to speak with me candidly and with deep heartfelt authenticity. This work not only impacts the receiver, but also all those in the receivers life! What a gift. "
- Rebecca Randolph, Massage and Reiki Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

Sacred Self-Mastery Course was an eye opener for me about the things that genuinely make me happy in life and some things I may need to eliminate in order to achieve my Heart's Desire fully... it allowed me to open up my heart and evaluate where I fell short in following my heart completely in my past.


Thank you for all that you do, your course has shaped my life in the direction I finally want it to go!”

- Emilee W., Seattle, WA

“Starting as a child, I have tried shutting down feelings most of my life, and I do not recommend it. As an adult, that strategy eventually failed spectacularly, leaving me emotionally overwhelmed and confused.  


For the next three years I tried a variety of types of therapy with a variety of therapists, and I joined a spiritual school as well. After all that, although I had significant experiences and gained awareness of my sources of distress, my demons did not disappear.  


When I started working with Julia Mikk I was able to breathe my heart and soul back into my life in a fully embodied way. In three group Breath of Love sessions led by Julia, I released a river of emotion at a deeper level than ever before. I was crying, trembling, or shaking for most of the sessions. As the sessions were ending I experienced a profound stillness, peace, and love. It was clear that this was a turning point for me." 

-Davis B., Denver, CO

"My Breath of Love session was a remarkable experience and I am so astounded as to what breath can do and heal energetically, and so quickly it seems to me. This is coming from someone who was a therapist (MSW) for many years, and went to a number of therapists. I just recently realized that talking a lot and analyzing problems has its purpose, and benefits to a point but it often keeps us in the ego and mind, not opening the heart up as much - the place where a deeper level of healing can occur. It seems that that's the next step of my journey and I feel blessed that me and Julia met. She is a very skilled, gentle, and authentic person who truly enjoys discovering her own life and helping to heal others. "
- Kim Gould, Freelance Event Planner, Los Angeles, CA

"As a skeptical, but enquiring soul searcher, I found Julia's extraordinary grace and her exceptionally skilled approach to breathwork unsupressively powerful, as long as I allowed myself to be led by her brilliantly intuitive timing. Absolutely mind blowing."
- Niklas Spitz, British Poet and Designer, Big Sur, CA

"Julia, Thank you for showing how happiness is a choice and a state of mind. I see your peaceful face in front of me and remember your loving words and arms. I am attached to nothing and to no one and I am free... to discover, explore, feel, forgive, and love life. Thank you for being the catalyst for change. I don't know what I would have done without you." ​

- Linda N., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for facilitating yet another profoundly moving Breath of Love workshop.  I am always so delighted and amazed by the depth of your offering and the powerful shifts that this breath work has on the participants.  


My personal experience at your workshop was magical.  For years I have been suffering with debilitating spinal and nerve pain and was recently diagnosed as having 4 herniated disks in my lower spine and 4 in my cervical spine.  These disks were pressing on nerve roots and creating symptoms ranging from sciatica and radiating pain, to complete loss of feeling in hands, feet, arms.  


During today’s Breath of Love workshop, I had the complete experience of healing.  I felt warmth and tingling throughout all of my nerve pathways. The blocks released and the energy was moving freely throughout my body again. Now I am feeling pain free, light, and filled with renewed hope and energy!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for enriching me, our community, and our planet with your gifts.”

- Amarjot Kaur (Ronee Kipnes), Anahata Yoga Studio Owner, Sound, and Energy Healing, Scottsdale, AZ

"By far one of the most profound and powerful experiences of my life! I hope to work with you again, thank you Julia."

- Josh Bravo, Student, Los Angeles, CA

"I learned how much effort I am wasting when I spend time worrying, and how my natural state is completely effortless. I let go of all worry. All anxiety. All sense of trying to do or to be anything. I realized how simple and easy and effortless this can be. And, I realized how much effort it takes to be holding onto thoughts, worrying about things, always trying in some way to be or feel something different. This is the main thing Breath of Love taught me - what letting go means, and how to do it."
- Elliott Lemberger, Web Designer and Singer-Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

"The workshop plus the private session was, truly, life changing. With Julia's guidance and instruction and VERY GENTLE manner of helping me into and through the breathing experience during Saturday's workshop and Sunday's private session I released stress that I have been caring for as much as 45 years. And after more than a month since her sessions, my massage therapist attests that the stress has not returned. While some of us thought Julia to be an Angel, I believe she is no less than a Goddess with Divine Healing power, showing us how to use our healing power for self healing. Bless you, Julia, as I am blessed since opening myself to experience you and your teachings."
- David LaGrone, Vedic Astrologer, Granbury, Texas

"When I first met Julia, I was struck by her beautiful personal energy. Young but very wise. After having two sessions, I realize that her talent and insight is nothing less than profound. It was a new way to experience my mind, body and spirit connection. Chi was surging thru my body and was able to explore it in a way that I never had before. When these special people cross my path, I know it is for a reason. They become a guide to my next level of understanding. I hope you have an opportunity to meet Julia!"
- Carol Gross, Landscape Architect, Santa Barbara, CA

“May my tears flow eternally in gratitude for the gift of you in my life, Julia. Thank you for forever holding me in the arms of compassion.  Thank you for weathering the storms of my broken heart.  Thank you for setting me free to find myself and showing me the way. Thank you for holding my fears and lifting me from torture, suffering and disease. 

You came from the depths of love so I may surrender into realizing who I am. So, I may shed layers of armor protecting me from feelings of unworthiness. To trust love once again with all my heart. Coming home after feeling so lost. Thank you for your eternal grace and unwavering light. I found home.” 

- Tom Rosasco, Retired, Ashland, Oregon 

“I attended your Breath Of Love workshop on Saturday night in Los Angeles and it truly was a wonderful experience! I had an amazing moment of such deep and profound connection that brought me to tears and gratitude. It was with my mom who died 5 years ago, and I've carried a lot of pain over things I had left unsaid and amends I never made. I'm 63 years old!  


When you instructed us to place our hands on our body that was responding to the breathing and meditation I placed them over my heart and tears just streamed down my face and I experienced love and forgiveness and her presence. It was entirely unexpected. I wasn't searching for an experience other than to have a nice relaxing meditation.

The next day ( yesterday!) I felt peace with her, and more present. Thank you for your lovely work... I am a skeptic about most things but I believe you are a healer and embody a beautiful spirit.”  

- Karen Sadler, Los Angeles, CA

“I attended a retreat where Julia was facilitating a Breath of Love session and what unfolded was a miracle.  During the session I was guided to the heart of my Divine purpose where I was shown the impact and influence of its message for all humanity.  That session felt like I gave birth to myself in the easiest, most effortless way possible. Julia's presence and support was a midwife to the evolution of this vision.  I felt a deep invitation to allow and receive who I AM so I can be at peace with sharing my gifts in the world.” 
- Alison Elsberry, Mentor, Healer and Coach for Mothers, New Zealand

"I have noticed that when really powerful transformational experiences have come my way, BIG resistance comes up first. Well the first workshop with Julia's Breath of Love was no exception. I had such difficulty getting to the workshop even though it was in a place I had been to many times. At one point I said to myself 'All this difficulty just means real change is about to happen and there is a BIG payoff on the other side'. I was so right... the experience was simply off my scale!"
- Deborah Stein, Business Consultant, Dallas, TX

"I have struggled with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for years. At times it was so painful I would lose the use of my right hand. I frequently dropped things and could not perform simple tasks or even sit and meditate as sitting erect would cause agonizing spasms from the root of my shoulder blade to my thumb and forefinger. There was a small knot like a walnut beneath my shoulder that agonizing. I was beginning to resign myself to the need for surgical correction, which I have heard only helps temporarily and not very well and is fraught with complications.

As I went through my ten private sessions all these symptoms began to fade. I did not actually notice it at first. It had just faded from my body and my thoughts. My tenth session was a breakthrough that so exceeded anything I could expect. The knot beneath my shoulder felt as though it exploded, but not in a bad way, it was a release. I felt the energy of it shatter and fly out of my body. ​

I was free of pain completely. I felt alive and powerful and wanted to roar like a lion. I felt as though I had been freed from the prison of my body's pain and my body was a safe haven. Now I am home."
- Troy, Hypnotherapist, Los Angeles, CA

"Breath of Love is unlike any other healing work or meditation that I have experienced.


Beyond bliss, it was a journey to my pure self. I directly experienced the powerful love and light of the universe and felt myself expand and return to that state of being. 


The actual breath work is very simple as guided by Julia. It was a dance, a safe surrender of a dance that led me to release and transmute layers of "stuff"; pain, sadness and hurt, without having to relive the experiences or dissect them again.


It was a peaceful, loving, safe cocoon of pure love and acceptance that allowed me to breathe through every layer that had been tamped down, covered up and ignored for years.


As I followed Julia's guidance and sank into surrender, I felt my lungs and belly expanding while breathing so expansively - like never before in my life. My inhalations were deeper and longer. They began to go as deep as my pelvis, clearing out old energies and physical pains, allowing me to painlessly release and "burn up" the old energies.


I have never felt so aligned, so open to receive the love and beauty and gifts of the universe! I feel completely clear, cleaned out, connected, peaceful and calm - and all of this while in the midst of a financial crisis!


After the sessions, I am able to return to the breath of love whenever I feel a physical pain or twinge, and it clears within one or two breaths. No longer do my thoughts spiral into worry, as long as I reconnect to my breath and open again to possibility.


When I returned home from my second session, waiting for me in my mailbox, was part of the good financial news I was waiting for! And I received further good news the next day too!

I highly recommend Julia Mikk and the beautiful work of Breath of Love. "
-Laura Hodge, Ojai, CA



 "After my Breath of Love experience, life shifted. Since then I have been able to really feel and trust how utterly supported I am, there is no need to let my mind get caught up in the worry and uncertainty of everyday life. Instead, when I returned home from my Breath of Love journey, I found myself enjoying the process of life and knowing, with great faith, that whatever was happening was perfect.

I also learned to trust my intuition and my feelings – something I had always wanted and tried to do but couldn’t quite get in touch with. I look forward to my next Breath of Love journey and what a deeper experience of the process will bring!"

- Libby, Registered Dietitian, Phoenix, AZ

“Breath of Love is definitely what I need to access the state of consciousness that will have me succeed, and help me be truly myself in the world. It is worth much more than what Julia is charging!”

- C.F., Singer-Songwriter, NYC, NY

"I know its only been 1 day since our session but I am amazed at how different I feel. No anxiety today and a feeling of joy and peace for no reason. I feel more open, lighter and more freedom. Your work is really amazing. I would like to keep the momentum going so I would like to schedule another session as soon as you have availability."

- Michael Cerveny, Landscaper, Westfield, Massachusetts

"One of the things I was working on were the very fearful and negative thoughts I often went to sleep with or woke up with.   I am happy to say I have not been bothered with these thoughts since our sessions. Also my life is moving along very positively.  I feel very blessed and have been filling my time with much healing, fun and growth."
- D.S., Self-Empoyed CPA, Ojai, CA

"My intention for our 1st phone session was courage to feel safe enough to be myself. I find that I'm constantly making myself small to fit in, but after this session with Julia I noticed a great shift. I had an event on Friday where I had to interact with a crowd and do a little public speaking and I shocked myself with all the confidence that came pouring out! Just feeling really grateful and wanted to share!"

- Yaritza Tulier, Oncology Nurse Coach, Tamarac, Florida